Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sorry, Jesus Doesn't Make You Better Than Me

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Well, the science is in, including science done by evangelical Christian pollster George Barna: Christians and atheists act the same. That's right- Jesus doesn't make you one whit better than anyone else.

There are only two differences between Christians and atheists: atheists have a lower divorce rate and charitable giving. Here's the catch on charitable giving, though: most Christians' charitable giving involving tithing to their church. (a) only 8% of Christians tithe, and they only tithe 3%, and (b) money given to the church most often goes back into running the church, so while it is "charitable" to give away money, money given to a church doesn't equal money feeding the hungry or housing the homeless.

Also, the study showed that non-Christians are more likely to give money to a homeless or poor person in any given year (34%) than are born-again Christians (24%).

So, stop telling me that atheists are immoral. We're just like you. Without all the burning in hell.

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