Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Death Ticker

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Seriously, this is awesome! Awesomely awesome!

This is the first thing that comes up on the webpage (I have a discreet Google search. Feel free to use it.)

150,000 People Will Die Today The counter to the side to the right are rapidly rising numbers in BRIGHT RED is ticking off the number of people who have died since you opened this webpage so far? 14.5. The vast majority of those people are entering Hell. Yes! You're all going to hell- unless you believe exactly what I do! I know the secret, and the rest of you will burn! Only I know the answer- follow me without thinking or suffer for all eternity! Christ commanded his followers to share the Gospel with those who are perishing get thee to a nursing home, then, because as of today, I'm okay... who have you shared with today? 26.3

The counter comes from Living Waters, your evangelism resource- a subsidiary of Ray Comfort, professional Liar for Christ(tm). 47.1

I'm letting the counter run to see if it stops at 150,000. 63.4


  1. So I guess the trick is to live long enough until hell is full because there will always be room in heaven. Mmmmm. Me and Ray Comfort. And Jerry Falwell. For eternity. I hope someone brought the KY. LOL

    Seriously, though, I am of the view that fear of death -- in particular, fear of life after death -- motivates most religious thought. Interestingly enough given what some people have to say about the illusion of the indivisible self, it may be that we fear this only because we are taught to think of ourselves as such indivisible and eternal selves when we're just wee little beings.


    I think you're right- it's not fear of death that motivates these people, it's fear of life. Once you remove the sky-daddy and all the bullshit rules, you become responsible for your own actions, your own happiness, your own unhappiness. To me, that's fantastic. To others, that's horrifying. I wish I could help those people.

  3. I ask simply not wanting an answer from you. But that you would look honestly at you answer the question for yourself. Do you fear death?


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