Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Internet Wars!

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This is the bestest thing ever posted by the wingnuts at World Net Daily.

Irresponsible Accusations*

by Joseph my lips say no but my mustache says yes Farah

There's an Internet pundit out there in the blogosphere whose name I will not utter. Fortunately for you, I will utter it. Debbie Schlussel. (That only took me quite a lot of searching. Mr. Farah is absolutely determined that WND readers will not get the other side of the story.)

From her perch, the world revolves around her. If she writes something one day, she imagines millions actually read it. Seriously, for a minute there, I hoped he was talking about me. That would have been awesome!

She imagines we read it at WND, even though I have expressly forbidden my staff to visit her site because of her repeated, reckless, irresponsible accusations of theft of her ideas and ramblings. uh, apparently you and your staff do read it, or you wouldn't have known about what you write about next. protest too much . . . uh, much?

Last weekend, she apparently reported, contrary to widespread Internet rumors, that President Obama is not planning to bring Palestinian Gazans to the U.S. as part of the recent "emergency aid package." Good for her. She got this one right. but you never, ever, evah! read her site. ever.

Many days before she wrote this on her blog, however, I was in consultation with WND's
Jerusalem bureau chief, Aaron Klein, about reporting this story. I told him the rumor mill was rife with the misinformation and it was time to set the record straight – which he did first two days before she wrote anything on her blog, and then again in WND a day after her report, which I have still never seen because I must follow my own edict never to visit her site. yet somehow, you know exactly what she said. it's a fuckin' miracle!

Nevertheless, even though Aaron Klein is on record revealing the truth about this story two days before her blog posting, she is insisting, in the most hateful, vile accusations imaginable (I know this only because third parties are sending me the material), that WND ripped off her report. whether or not mysterious "third parties" are sending you "material", you're still reading her writing, aren't you? which you never, ever, evah! do.

this goes on for about 8 more paragraphs, then we get this gem:

Now, why do I write an entire column about the reckless, irresponsible ravings of an unnamed blogger? that is a good question.

I do so because I will not give her what she most craves – attention and visibility. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! i never would have looked her up if Mr. Moustache hadn't written this article. Irony score! She works in relative obscurity, and I will not lift a finger to change that. well, except to write this article. and possibly others if she pisses me off again.

That totally made my day.

*I have no idea who's right and who's wrong in this situation. Moustache Farah's off his rocker, but Schlussel could be, too. I don't know. I am rather inclined to like anyone Farah spews this much venomous bile at, but that could be a mistake.


  1. Schlussel is kind of a wack-job too. Sadly No goes after her sometimes when she starts in with her odder stuff.

  2. I kind of suspected, but it does not change the hilarity of posting about someone you refuse to name, because you're ignoring them.

  3. Even more hilarious: Schlussel used to be a columnist for Farah at WND. There's lots of bad blood there, apparently.

    Still, it's interesting to watch this particular clash of the whackjobs (speaking as someone who's been on the receiving end of Farah's wrath). My take on this is here.

  4. That is awesome! It explains his complete inability to ignore her, even as he claims he is ignoring her.


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