Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of These Things Is NOT Like the Other

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I shouldn't have to say this, but homosexuality is NOT the same as pedophilia and incest. NOT. THE. SAME.

Some people apparently have a little trouble with this one. I suggest a dictionary.

Myth: Government discriminates against homosexuals and denies them their basic rights by not legalizing same-sex marriage. Homosexuals share loving relationships and should be allowed to marry.

Reality: It is not discriminatory to deny homosexuals the right to marry. Homosexuals are afforded exactly the same right as heterosexuals; they can marry one person of the opposite sex. fine, let's make all marriages same sex and see how you feel about the exact same logic. jackass. No one may marry a close blood relative, a child, or a person who is already married. what the fuck does that have to do with same sex marriage? nothing. nothing at all. it is offensive to suggest otherwise. Regardless of whether those restrictions may disappoint the incestuous, pedophiles, polygamists and homosexuals,

Stop it. Stop right there. I know people who were molested as children, one of whom was the victim of incestuous molestation. To compare what two CONSENTING ADULTS do to what was done to my friends is beyond offensive. AD should be ashamed. Probably isn't, but should be.

the issue is not discrimination. It is the nature and purpose of marriage itself. to be discriminatory? it's just not special enough if not everyone can do it? Allowing homosexuals to marry would not simply expand marriage but would redefine it. nope. sorry. wouldn't.


  1. He'll probably delete my comment, but I did ask him if this line of thought goes to sterile people. After all if we are only allowed to marry to have kids what is the point ofletting sterile people marry?

  2. I think I just taught him the value of comment moderation.

    Pearl definitely thinks that. Which is funny, because another member of the DNA, beetleblogger, is infertile. Maybe, because divorce is teh evul, as long as you didn't know you were infertile before you married, it's okay?

  3. I can only imagine that conversation. "So honey, I'm sterile, there is only one thing to do. You're going to sleep with my sister, knock her up, and then we'll raise the baby. It's cool, it's all the in Bible." Though it was a maid in the Bible. Who knows, maybe these people have white maids they wouldn't mind their hubby's sleeping with. Heh.

  4. Handmaid's Tale?

    Actually, polygamy was totally cool in the bible. Lots of people were polygymous.

  5. I didn't know that Beetleblogger was infertile. Hmmmmm...Anyway, this exact line of thought was what eventually stopped me fighting against that special little group. I just got sick of arguing against a concept so absurd.

  6. Consent is not a sufficient basis for a relationship. Slavery, however, is. At least in the OT. How messed up is that?

  7. It's basically the whole basis of the god/human relationship- you MUST worship, consent is not an issue. But bad things that happen, those are all free will.

    Imagine if you will, a good old fashioned OT relationship: a man rapes a woman, and instead of paying her father for her virginity, he marries her instead. (This is in leviticus.) Completely nonconsensual. She must then be a good, submissive wife, and if anything bad happens to her, it's her fault.

    And people wonder why I consider atheism the better choice.

  8. i haven't been back to argue with pearly because it's midterm week, and as of midnight it is my birthday. but my last midterm is tomorrow and then i am back into the fray.

    and back to tearing my hair, i'll bet.

    i really hate people with these arguments. i was raped by my step-dad for years; should i have considered myself "married" to him, too? and yes, comparing THAT to a real marriage with love and respect (and consent, damnit!) is the most fucking insulting thing i have ever seen. well, at least that i have seen this week.

  9. Wow. You amaze me, you know, that you survived and all.

    That was really my point. It's not just offensive to gays to say they are the same as pedophiles, it's offensive the victims of incest and pedophilia. It trivializes what is to me the greatest suffering a person can endure.


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