Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nazis Were NOT Socialists

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This is an excellent explanation of why the Nazis, though their name contained the word "Socialist", were not- NOT- socialists.

Side note: we could rename the US the Union of Tiny Pink Unicorns, but we would not all turn into tiny pink unicorns.


  1. cool, i was taught this at school in england in the early 1980's, it perplexes me when i hear people state that the "socialist" part means they were nazis. we were taught that the nazis used the "scialist" part for publicity only to get the people on their side and be more appealing.
    i just saw glenn beck refer to the nazis a socialist.
    i love our blog btw imho lol

  2. Maybe you should read history instead of making it up to fit your limited world view. Every high ranking Nazis, Hitler on down spouted socialist rhetoric. Attacked capitalism and talked about a worker's paradise.

  3. Just curious why do liberals always defend socilism? Marx used the term synonymously with communism and communism has proved itself to be the greatest evil mankind has ever seen.It seems like some on the left like to point to the Nazis and say "hey look, thats where conservative ideology leads".Well, traditional left right doesnt really apply to American politics. America was founded on the concept of limited government as an ideal.Therefore the left right dichotomy is between totalitarian government and total anarchy.With Hitler on the "right" and Stalin on the "left" is there really a difference?

  4. Just because a Nazi says he's a socialist doesn't make it true.

    Not surprised the Brit is better educated than the average American.

  5. "Spouted socialist rhetoric"? How dumb are some people on this topic? German Nationalism is not Socialism. Period. Hitler arrested and killed Communists and Socialists. He connectec all Jews to Socialists and Communists as well. Hitler himself said if he had to do it over again he never would have used the word "Socialist" in the term NAZIS (National Socialist Workers Party). The term was meant to symbolize a pure, middle class Germany, but it was absolutely a right wing, extremist movement, even to the right of the Hindenburg or Bismarck rulers generations before. You had a monarchy in Germany and Hitler was even more extreme and dictatorial than that, but there is no question he was a Capitalist as well. He just wanted Germans to control business, not Jews. Hitler was an extreme Conservative Fascist who left German business alone. IN fact, his nationalist initiatives made German business a lot more money than ever had before, but Hitler never stole from German industry or controlled business. Please read a book and get to a college soon. Thank you. - A Tax Paying American who actually attended college and understands different concepts within history and politics.

  6. The word socialist didn't have the negative connotation to newly freed Germans after the fall of the Kaiser's Empire post 1918. To the newly enfranchised Germans, socialism and democracy were often synonymous.
    Hitler used the popularity of the term to help boost the rank and file popularity of his nationalistic, far right-wing party. For example, if in the US, a new right-ring party called itself the Freedom or Justice Party, that wouldn't mean that those labels are bad goals for society. The Party simply warped them to suit its own selfish agenda


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