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Fundy Reaction to Atheist Student Group

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The most common fundy explanation of atheists is that deep down we do believe in god, but our pride/love of sin/basic ignorance keeps us from worshipping him properly. This is incredibly silly, and unbelievably arrogant. Would any of these people even consider telling me what I think or feel about anything else? If I said that I love my husband, would they say, "No, you don't." If I said that I am terrified of spiders, would they say, "No, you just pretend to be arachnophobic."

I rather think not.

What if I said that christians don't really believe in god, they just pretend to, because it's popular? They're just going with the flow, following the path of least resistance, trying not to make waves. (Don't worry, I'm all out of cliches for now.) I would be lambasted, and rightly so. I cannot know another person's mind. I can guess from their words or actions, but in the end, I have to take their word for it.

On to what prompted my rant.

From the Rapture Ready message boards, we have First Were The Buses. Now Atheists Get a Student Society. (posted by MovinUp)

My immediate reaction to this, without even reading the article is "Well, yeah, we're citizens, too. If all the religious organizations can have student societies on college campuses, why can't atheists? (There really is no reason why not other than prejudice.)"

Every religion on campus has its student society, from the Christian Union to the Jedi Knights. Now the non-religionists atheists? it's certainly easier to type than non-religionists. will have theirs comma too. The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies launches today to mobilise non-believers again, atheists. The "anti-God squad", as it is happy to be called, says it will fight for the voices of what it believes to be the majority of students to be heard on campus and further afield. probably not the majority, but hey, way to think positive. It is planning campaigns and events across the country to protest against religious privilege and promote the understanding of science. It has the support of some of the country's leading critics of religion: the scientist Richard Dawkins, the philosopher AC Grayling, and the Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee.The launch comes four months after a campaign for 30 London buses to parade the slogan: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."The campaign, first mooted on the Guardian's Comment is Free site by comedy writer Ariane Sherine, began in response to evangelical Christian adverts on buses.entire article:

I'm not sure how an atheist snuck onto the Rapture Ready message boards, but Omachi replies with: It's about time. Although, if it's anything like the Christian Union at my university, they won't me all militant and "God doesn't exist, you're a fool to believe in him". Hopefully anyway. I can't stand militant atheists, and I'm a atheist myself.
(Omachi's signature) Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
love the sig, and I agree with Omachi. I'm not all about defaithing people, I just want them to leave me alone.

BarbT tries for a pithy reply:
"It's about time." Nope, it's about eternity. I'm not even sure what that's supposed to mean. probably something about hell.

happy2serve: Hi Omachi
Sorry I have to quote you:"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." just try disbelieving in gravity. you will indeed still fall.
God, even though some stop believing in Him, doesn't go away, even though our 'reality, ie. the physical world' will eventually go away. Atheists will find out during judgment day this is the truth. God bless. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL! have a nice day! we call this an appeal to consequences, and it's not a valid argument. besides, threatening someone with something they don't believe in is pointless. you may as well threaten to send a herd of tiny pink unicorns to prick me to death with their tiny, sharp horns.
And mods...sorry if this is tracking off course...I do apologize mod apologies seem to be all the rage on this board.

cocopea9052 (which really makes me wonder if "cocopea" without the numbers was taken) joins the appeal to consequences: Hum, well you know I suppose they can mobilize now if they so choose. But one day all "unbelievers" random sarcastiquotes! will mobilize, and it won't be on a bus, or on a school campus, it won't be at a Convention or Society meeting. where will it be, cocopea? It won't be to go cross-country and spread the word of "non-belief". But yes, they will all be mobilized, they will all stand together....and their worries over "if there is a God", will be put to a final rest, but uh.....I don't think they will be enjoying life...,.... great, she never tells me. apparently, all the atheists will move to iowa at some point, or something like that. if you're going to make an appeal to consequences, you ought to at least tell me what the consequences are.

bornagain123 gives us the standard fundy talking point re: atheism: Is it just me, or does anyone else feel sorry for these people? ah, the condescension. you can smell it from here. Really-it's NOT that they DON'T believe G-d exists, but it's that they CAN'T. and here we go. could you stop telling me what i think, please? i know exactly how i think, and i don't believe god exists. don't. do not. IOW-they're doing nothing more than Sticking Their Heads In The Sand! random capitalization to no apparent purpose. They may look happy and smiley on the surface, but deep down inside, you can bet that they are worrying their tails off! oh, noes! I don't have a tail- I musta done worried it right off!

happy2serve is also happy to play along: Yes, I do very much feel sorry for them. so sorry, that i revel in their eventual eternal punishment. Unfortunately, trying to explain the truth to the majority of them is difficult. trying to peddle your fairy tales to someone who doesn't want to hear them is difficult. and obnoxious. I wish they would come to Christ so they could be at peace. i am at peace. much more at peace than when i was trying, so very hard, to believe in what i didn't believe in. (i am no good at the cognitive dissonance.)

cocopea9052 joins the false pity parade: Actually, I feel sorry for them too, but woe to the adults & parents who are leading them astray, God is going to pour out his wrath on them for sure. and everyone else, from what I understand. I mean, I know college students are mostly over 18, but they are still young adults. young enough to vote and fight, not quite old enough to pick a religion. brought to you by the people who cheerfully accept professions of faith from preschoolers. If they were not raised in a Christian home, then off they go to college and they think this stuff is normal and acceptable.. it's like Teh Gay they are in fact proud of promoting equality, we're not supposed to be proud of that? what exactly are we to be proud of then? fighting for some ungodly cause... oh, Teh Gay etc. ..they become submerged in the secular world with little to fall back on... i'm not sure "falling back" on something is a big help when you are "submerged" they have no Christian values to fall back on or roots to return to. These kids are grown from parents who never embraced Christ. not "born of" or "raised by", but "grown from". that's a little odd. I also like the No True Scotsman. (if they become atheists, they must never have been Real True Christianstm, because Real True Christianstm don't become atheists.) The blind leading the blind....It is a lost generation no doubt. ummmm . . . I'm fairly certain most of the Lost Generation is already dead.

So, there you have it. If you want to know what I think, go find a Real True Christiantm and ask them.


  1. First off, "anti-God Squad"? That's awesome.
    Second, I don't feel sorry for atheists. I don't get off where these people get off feeling sorry for atheists, that the dumbest thing I've heard. Especially since they feel sorry for the fact you're all going to die and burn in hell.
    Man, Fundies make my head hurt.

  2. I enjoyed the "Anti-God Squad" as well.

    It is incredibly presumptuous to feel sorry for someone who is perfectly happy the way they are, and I would be more inclined to believe that they actually do feel sorry for atheists if there weren't so much glee inherent in their discussions of where atheists go when they die.

  3. My favorite part is that they apparently take issue with any organization promoting "scientific understanding."


    (You've seen the atheist two-parter of South Park, right? Right??)

  4. two parter? i've seen the one with the catholic church being led by a spider and everyone shitting out of their mouths, but i thought that was a one off.

  5. That one too, but there's a two-parter where Cartman's obsessed with waiting for the Wii to come out, so he decides to freeze himself and Butters helps bury him in snow up on the mountain... only an avalance comes and Cartman remains frozen for over 400 years, or something, and in the future everyone is atheist because (and this is the good part) Ms. Garrison refuses to teach evolution in the classroom (this is back in the "present," not the future), so the school brings in Richard Dawkins to teach that part of the class. Richard Dawkins and Ms. Garrison hit it off... So everyone is atheist in the future because they became this huge power couple and basically took over the world with the idea that if there were no religion there'd be no war or strife. But in the future, the atheists are all at war over what to call themselves (which is the most logical name - Allied Atheist Alliance, Allied Atheist League, or Unified Atheist Alliance, I think), and instead of saying "God dammit" they say "Science dammit!"

    Anyway, in the end Cartman accidentaly changes the past but calling Ms. Garrison (on a Crank Prank Time Phone) while she's having sex with Richard Dawkins, and Cartman asks for "Mr. Garrison," so Dawkins freaks out that Garrison used to be a man. SO this changes the past, so the future is different, and it turns out there ARE no more "isms" in the future. (But that there's still war, because "the stupid French-Chinese think they have a right to Hawaii." And Cartman gets sent back in time, and all is well. Basically.

    Also there are talking otters.

    It's just fabulous.

  6. stupid comment disappeared. and it was good.

  7. PersonalFailure,

    I can honestly say that I really enjoy your running commentaries on religious inanity. They make me smile ;)

    Frodo be with you!


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