Monday, February 23, 2009

Why the Rapture?

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In case you are not familiar with premillenial dispensationalism, it is a sect within christianity that "literally" interprets the Bible, with special emphasis on Revelation (yes, that acid trip) to come up with the idea that at the end of days, the "bride of christ" (Real True Christianstm)will be lifted bodily to heaven (naked!) to become mindless worshippers of god (no, really, they're looking forward to this) while the rest of us are tormented for 7 years by the Antichrist (no such thing in the bible), after which Jesus will return to earth to collect those who have converted, and survived, during the last 7 years, and to destroy everyone else. Jesus will reign for 1000 years, at which point Satan gets another shot at it, is defeated and then . . . well, I dunno. It's unbelievably odd. For an in depth look (or if you think I'm making this shit up, I recommend Rapture Ready. All the crazy you'll ever need!)

Recently, a poster on the Rapture Ready message boards posted a revealing poll on why this belief attracts adherents.

123 people voted.

65 want to expierence [sic] all that I have read will happen.
9 admit that they are kinda afraid to die, I'd want to be Raptured instead
4 think being alive and aware is better than rising from the dead.
1 It does not really matter to me.
1 just wants to see if it is real and true.
43 people didn't like any of those options and went for "other".

Candlelight : Just cannot wait for the thrill of seeing the Glory of Jesus and total joy and peace. I guess he means after all the tormenting and suffering and killing.

Sukie72962 needs suicide watch: I am longing to see my Lord and Savior face to face and I don't want to wait to die in order to finally see Him with my eyes, I already see Him with my heart but I want to see Him with my eyes.

Mickey is sick of life and people in general: I said "other". For me the thrill of the Rapture, is thinking I'm one moment busy with live and worrying about tomorrow, and the next lying on my face before the Throne of my King. Mostly I want this evil world to be over and done with. It would have been great to dream about growing old and having grandkids, but I'm still young...ish (34), and if life and the human race keep deteriorating at the rate that it is, I do not want to be here much longer. I yearn to be with my Lord!

I sense some serious disillusionment in store for Sundial: I feel privileged to know that my Father thought so much of me that He allowed me to live in the era that will experience the rapture. That tells me how much He loves me.

Truthlover doesn't just want to be raptured, she also wants to be right: In front of loved ones, to give them little room to doubt what happened.

Chicken5516 would be much happier with a less repressive religion: I selected 'other'....I just want out of this World and in the presence of my Lord and Savior. I'm weary of this sinful body.

Gator128, like a lot of responders, seems to like the whole flying portion of the Rapture most: i want the rapture for one reason. to meet to jesus in air and finally to be home

You know, I used to think psychiatrists were a little free with the psych meds, but now I think not enough people are taking them.

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