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Whack the Atheist Day

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Today must be Whack the Atheist Day over at World Net Daily. ("Atheists hate god cuz they knows he exists" was breaking news. Yes, that is what qualifies for news where Chuck Norris is a regular columnist.)

Joseph Farah, he of the uberstache, penned Atheism- a Lose-Lose Proposition.

That is the biggest moustache I have ever seen.
My friend Ray Comfort Ray also has an impressive moustache, but not like Farah's. I can't imagine how his upper lip produces that much hair. begins his amazing coughsputterchokegag new book, "You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think," like this: "To be an atheist is to play Russian roulette with all barrels loaded. all one of them? i don't that's what he means. i think he means "with a fully loaded gun". Ray's not so much on the thinking. An atheist can't win. is there anyone who can win Russian Roulette? That's a game like chicken, where winning is more a matter of survival. Of course, he feels and acts like a big player, until the trigger is pulled." does anyone know anyone who actually plays russian roulette?

That says it pretty well for me. that's how you live your life? what?
that mustache deserves its very own float at the next gay pride parade.

But think about it more deeply. that implies that there was any deep thinking at all.
If ever there has been a lose-lose proposition, it has to be atheism. pascale's wager, huh? that's a really dumb argument.
What do I mean?
I know atheists are wrong. I'm as convinced of that as I am in my own existence.
good for you. prove it to me.
But, just for the sake of intellectual exercise, of which you and ray could use a lot.let's pretend we don't know whether God really exists. we don't. welcome to my side.
no, I'm sorry, that mustache could be a float at the next gay pride parade.

If you're an atheist, and you spend your life denying God i don't deny god, i don't believe in him – even cursing Him, as many ironically do this is a typical Ray Comfort abuse of logic, reason and the english language. (the stupidity hat trick) ever hear a very small child say "fuck"? They have no idea what they're saying. Curse words are like that. Whatever people around you use is what you'll use. Nobody who says "godamnit!" is actually cursing god. get over it. – and you turn out to be wrong at the end of life, then you will be one very sorry soul. yeah, pascal's wager. *yawn*
You lose.
However, even in the impossible scenario that you're right – and there is no God – you are still a loser!
no, that would make me right. dead, but right.
Because life without meaning is so empty. Because life without truth and justice and accountability is unfulfilling. Because, at the end of the day, in this case your life, you still wind up with nothing. This empty, unfulfilling life of injustice and misery is all there is.
sorry, joe, i am not empty, unfulfilled, nor lacking in truth and justice. in fact, atheists act pretty much the same as theists. except, atheists are better at marriage.
I'm pretty sure that mustache is a gay pride parade. there could be a whole gay marching band in there, you wouldn't be able to tell.

Who would want to be an atheist? me?
Who would want to aspire to such a belief system? me?
Who would want to have no hope? i have lots of hope, asshat. see, you believe that only god can save us. he hasn't, and it doesn't seem like he will any time soon. I believe we can save us, and we can get right on that now.
Now, that's not my reason for my Christian belief. It's not that I believe in God because I hope He's real. I know He's real and that gives me hope. what? don't hamstring your own stupid argument. takes all the fun out of this.
How do I know? Why am I so sure? What gives me faith? funny, "faith" and "know" are not the same thing, no matter what Mr. My-moustache-has-its-own-zip-code thinks.

Well, it's like Ray Comfort writes in "You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence," "there are six bullets that aim right into the brain of humanity": um, what?

Creation: In Romans 1:20, we read, "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." Please, someone explain Creation to me and explain how nothingness became something, then exploded and led, after billions of years, to the perfect teachings of Yeshua, a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth? when did we establish they were perfect? assuming facts not in evidence. Try to make sense of that for me. Try to explain Creation without a Creator. talk to a physicist. or better yet, check out the comments on Ray's blog. long story short, just because i don't know how the universe got started, that doesn't prove that god did it. When we see a Rolex watch, it doesn't take faith to know that someone made it. It would take far more faith to believe it "evolved." Yet, the atheist makes the case that watch was created but the people who made it were not!

Yeah, this is classic Ray, and it's stupid. I know somebody made the Rolex because I can watch people making Rolexes. Duh.

Conscience: When people do wrong, even the vilest of people, they know it. Every human being has a conscience. no, sociopaths and psychopaths don't. Sometimes they become very dull. Sometimes people rationalize their bad behavior. But there's always that twinge of guilt. not always Where does that come from? Why is it that every culture in the world recognizes it's wrong to lie, steal and commit murder – even if the definitions are not always clear? That is evidence of a Creator. no it's not. that's evidence of the fact that you cannot maintain a society where lying, stealing and murdering are acceptable behaviors. Conscience cannot be explained by evolution – and neither can Creation be explained by it. and here we are on Ray's favorite subject: evolution. for some reason, everything comes back to evolution with Ray. evolution does not even attempt to explain creation or conscience. that's not the point of evolution. may as complain that the theory of relativity doesn't explain love.

The Bible: If it is simply the work of man, how does one explain its endurance? seriously? people have been reading it forever, therefore it must be true and accurate? what about the Torah? That's been around longer, should we all convert to Judaism? How does one explain its popularity? That's an appeal to popularity. How does one explain its influence? How does one explain its controversy? The answer is simple: It really is the Word of the One True Living God. you'd think the fact that not everyone believes in it would prove that it's not the word of god, not the other way around. there's a lot of manifestos out there that about 2 people believe in, are they more true than the bible?

The transformation of true believers: Look at who the Apostles were and what they became. How did 12 very ordinary, failed men turn the world upside down, as they clearly did? assuming we can even believe their own accounts in the bible, that is? Why did so many of them refuse to renounce Yeshua – even unto death. 11 out of 12. wow, that's a lot of people. Were they deluded? Were they crazy? Were they liars? Who would die a horrible death for a lie? lots of people. happens all the time. again, an appeal to popularity is not logical argumentation.

The record of Yeshua: Almost everyone in the world admires His teachings. be nice to other people is hardly something most people would find bad.Yet, he taught that He was pre-existent – the actual Creator of the world. Was He deluded? Was He crazy? Was He a liar? Why would He die a horrible death for a lie? i can go outside right now and find 8 paranoid schizophrenics ready to die horribly for equally ludicrous beliefs. just because you are willing to die for your belief doesn't make it true.

The spirit of God: It's all around us – though sometimes hard to see in this fallen world. But it empowers people to do extraordinary things. It's more powerful, in fact, than electricity or hurricane-driven winds or even the unimaginable heat of the sun – one of the smaller stars to be found in Creation. just try and prove that.

If you agree or disagree with me, I challenge you to read Ray Comfort's "You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence," which makes the case far more effectively than I ever could. not if it's like anything else Ray writes.

Seriously, what is up with the moustache?


  1. There are certain minimum standards necessary in order to communicate. People that don't acknowledge that logical fallacies are fallacies are impossible to communicate with. Almost everyone on WND is a total and utter loon and yet it's not they're considered to be crazies by society at large. At best they're considered to be a little extreme in their beliefs.

    There's extreme and then there's batshit insane, and when you discard logic, indeed, when you discard listening, you've crossed the line.

    I wonder why atheists don't adopt that strategy.

    Atheist: It's a well known fact that fundies are all coprophiles.

    Fundie: That's absolutely false. Prove it.

    Atheist: I don't need to prove it because you know that it's true.

    Fundie: I most certainly do not know that to be true.

    Atheist: Denying the reality of your coprophilia isn't going to change reality.

    And so on.

    When I looked at WND this a.m. I just shook my head. Trying to argue with those people is impossible. Which is why I pray for the rapture, or at least I would if I prayed.

    On another note:

    A NEEDLE'S SYMPATHY / THE KINDNESS OF A GUN / THE MONSTER IN YOUR HEAD / THE TRUTH FROM WHICH YOU RUN -- I couldn't find it anywhere online, which suggests that you wrote it?

  2. That is the best gay man mustache I've seen in a while. I'm in love with it. It looks like he stole someone else's and glued it on his head.

  3. Alex: check out slightly less on

    he's a friend of mine, but that doesn't change the awesomeness of his songs. Actually, the last line in the song has gone back and forth between "the truth from which you run" and "the cancer in your lungs", depending on the version of the song, but "the truth from which you run" makes more sense for my purposes.

    (I don't know if he has that song up right now. he's a teensy bit obsessive about rewriting songs to make them "perfect".)

  4. Leigh: It looks like he shaved an entire gay bar to get that thing!

  5. we must believe everything in the Bible due to its age?
    so - Aristotle and Playo are gods? they are older than the Bible. Hinduism, Greek and Roman gods, both have been written about for cenryuries, AND the Vedas are the Hindu equivilent of the Bible. it is ALSO true, provavbly true, because of how much older than the Bible it i?

    and etc. i'm half awake, pain woke m up, and in my half-awake-in-excruciating-pain state, i was able to counter this. The Illiad and the Odyssy - both older than the Bible. Did Athena, Artemis and Hera REALLY involve themselves?according to this guy the age of the work means YES.

    stupid people.

  6. Denelian- i've actually used that argument on a christian, who then sputtered something about "jesus" and "sacrifice" and ran away.

  7. ohoh! too funny! that is beautiful, i am going to try it the next time i am proslytized!

  8. "but wait, shouldn't we be worshipping zeus right now! where are you going?"


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