Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Which I Do Not Commit Suicide

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Becoming an atheist does not inevitably lead one to suicide. (Unless every atheist blogger is posting from beyond the grave, that is.) What many theists consider to be the most terrifying thoughts possible- there is no god, there is no afterlife, it's all up to us- the atheist considers to be the most hopeful of thoughts. (Simply put, just because you don't like something, doesn't mean other people don't like it.)

Why do I mention this? Well, Disciples Nations Alliance is at it again. (Oh my blog, it's another DNA!)

This was written as a response to numerous comments that Darrow received on his last post.

Basically, Darrow stated that atheism is dying. A number of commenters, including yours truly, pointed out that not only is atheism not dying, it's gaining a greater percentage of the population. Apparently, Darrow is one of those fellows who just can't bear to be proven wrong.

It seems that this blog struck a chord with some people who are Atheists in their belief/faith system no, we're just atheists. and, atheists don't have a belief/faith system. we just don't believe in god. that's more of a lack-of-belief system. A number have called me on my assertion that Atheism is dying me! and they have stated that it is growing true. Let me respond with a few points:

1) When I say that Atheism is dying, I mean that the systems that were founded upon the Atheistic (and materialistic) set of assumptions - Communism, Fascism and Hedonistic-Capitalism have died or are dying. These system have fallen (or are falling as we witness
the current global economic crises) because the Atheistic mental infrastructure upon which they were founded has proven insufficient for human life, liberty, justice, happiness, and the deepest longings of the human spirit.

I was wrong about what I said, so I really meant to say something else. Yeah. He just can't admit that a bunch of atheists proved him wrong. We couldn't possibly know more about atheism than him.

I also enjoy being blamed for communism, facism and hedonistic-capitalism- whatever that is. (I assume that he means that unfettered capitalism is the highest good, and if it screwed up the freakin' world (see: current economic crisis), it's not that regulations are necessary, it's that we were practicing the wrong kind of capitalism. yeah.

Nazis and Atheism, a quick review. In the belt buckles of elite Nazis SS troops was inscription "Gott mitt uns" of "God with us", which is not an atheist slogan.

On taking power, Hitler banned freethought organizations like the German Freethinkers League and launched an "anti-godless" movement.In a 1933 speech Hitler declared: "We have… undertaken the fight against the atheistic movement, and that not merely with a few theoretical declarations: we have stamped it out."

Hitler hated atheists. Hitler hated practically everyone, and he certainly didn't hate atheists like he hated jews, but atheists were on the menu.

2) While Atheism is in its death-throws, Atheists are not. ummm . . . how can the number of atheists be increasing, while atheism decreases? atheism and atheists are indistinguishable in this context. Modern Atheists have become militant i want my damn jackboots! or dogmatic in their assumptions. hehehehehehe. this from a fundy. who doesn't love a good dose of irony? In the past, Atheists were happy to engage with reason with Agnostics, Christians, Hindus, or anyone from another school of thought. The militant Atheists of today no longer want a level playing field and discussion provided by the Judeo-Christian concept of the freedom OF religion. They are fighting for the freedom FROM religion. judeo-christian concept of . . . what? why don't i just call abortion a judeo-christian ideal and call it a day, if we're just saying anything we want. They want to move any discussion of religion from the public square.

Oh, I see. The War on Religion. (For those of you who lost your atheist calendar, the War on Religion falls between the War on Nurses and the War on Christmas.) You see, I pay for public land. Therefore, putting religious displays on public land has me paying to support a religious display for a religion I am not a member of and don't support. There has got to be a better use for my money. I also pay for the printing of money, therefore, I would like "In God We Trust" removed. (Until then, I will continue to cross out the "God" and replace it with "Gay".)

However, you are perfectly welcome to believe in whatever you wish. I don't wish to close down churches, private people/groups are welcome to display whatever they want, and anyone who wants to can keep right on trusting in god. Please feel free to pipe in, my pagan friends: have I ever tried to defaith you?

I think this is another sign of the desperation of the modern Atheist. The fact that I don't like being forced to pay for religious displays is "desperation"? I love redefining words for no good reason. The militant Atheists jackboots!, unlike more honest Existentialists of an earlier generation lying jackboots!, do not want to look at or be confronted by the logic of their assumptions. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! from a christian, no less! After all, if there is no God, then everything that has its basis in his existence is gone. wait for it. Love, beauty, morals, truth, and the significance of human life all disappear.

That's right: you can't love, see beauty, have morals, tell or recognize the truth or value life without god. The fact that I do all of those things, as does every other atheist on the planet, is irrelevant. We're all liars. Psychopathic, murdering, lying liars. In jackboots.

The logical consequences of Atheism is suicide. no, it's not. after all, i believe there is no afterlife. therefore, the logical consequence of atheism is to cling to life for as long as possible, because when it's over, it's over. the christian, on the other hand, believes that the afterlife will be infinitely better than this life. therefore, the logical consequence of christianity is not getting out of the way of a speeding train. Or, if one does not have the courage for suicide wait, suicide is courage now? somehow not the tack I expected this asshat to take., then there is a step away from reason. stop abusing logic. that doesn't even make sense. If I escape from reason, I no longer need to live faced with the reality of my Atheistic assumptions. oh, so we're delusional, psychopathic, murdering, lying liars. in jackboots.

3) As some have indicated, many people in the West are fleeing from a Christianity that no longer seems relevant. i'm not running away from, i'm running towards. towards logic, reason and the end to hatred in belief's name. Tragically happily, this is true. Europe is certainly post-Christian i'd move to england, but there's the food. oh, and i can barely understand the average briton. i know, it's your language, which makes it my problem, but what are you saying? and the USA has reached a tipping point. everybody, one step to the left! But people who are fleeing Christianity are not becoming Atheists. ummmmm . . . is this an exercise in verbal ADD? They are moving towards alternative forms of spirituality. Whoo, pagans! They cannot stand the emptiness and spiritual vacuum of Atheism. we are neither empty nor spiritually vacuous. stop that. At the same time, they do not want the costly faith is that supposed to be a selling point? it's expensive- buy some! of a God who is Lord of their life or not and a faith that has a solid meta-physic wtf is a "solid meta-physic"? and a set of moral absolutes. sorry, pagans, you're morally bankrupt. want some jackboots? Those who are leaving “traditional faith” are, with few exceptions, wanting a spirituality without content and morals. ouch. well, you can't be surprised. people who hate atheists don't like pagans, either. They want a feel-good faith insert your own masturbation/sex joke here that lets them live life on their own terms. Perhaps this is a new form of Atheism. I prefer to call it post-modern, neo-paganism. repeat after me: paganism is not atheism.

-Darrow L. Miller you know, for an attempt to fix his first post, this was a complete failure.


  1. Please, please, please let the Rapture come and take all people of faith to a better place. I just can't listen to their bullshit anymore.

    All I can say is that tonight, right now, it's a good think that I don't have the nuclear launch codes.

  2. Do you perhaps have the ability to rebuild the temple in jerusalem?

  3. well...
    you don't try to convertment, but yo DO tempt me with sweet, sweet cookies. very spiritually tempting, those cookies :D

    also, FUCK him.in my opinion, of watching way to many people NOT being christian christians, my religion is a HELL of a lot more "moral" and takes a fuckoload more WORK. i mean, seriously, if we fuck up, we HAVE TO FIX IT - we can't just ask prettyskydaddy to forgive us and it's all better now, we actually HAVE TO DO THINGS TO FIX IT (please note, this is not like we have to sacrafice an animal or something. this is like, say i actually drank, and then i was so stupid as to drive and i got in a wreck and hurt someone, i would now have to work my ASS off trying to help them. not just give them insurance money, i would be expected to help them get to doctor and do PT and help them with anything that i messed up [well, there is a limit to what people would accept from a stranger, but if ths happened and the person i hurt needed help with laundry because of me and would let me with the laundry i would be doing their laundry]. we have to do our best to earn the forgiveness of the person we HURT, before we can even ask the gods for forgiveness [although, again, if the good faith effort is tried, really tried, but rejected, we have tried. at that point the acceptable way to earn "forgiveness" is to work at a charity that is related, in this case perhaps i would work as a volunteer taxi at a club for a number of months, or volunteer to help elderly people who need help getting to appts. or something similiar. if the first person rejects all attempts at repayment, weirgeld and so forth, the substitute will be acceptable, and then i could forgive myself and have the gods forgive me, because they won't forgive me until i do, and i won't forgive myself until i have earned it]). Christians don't work hard to be forgiven - presuming they even acknowlege anything *I* would call a sin anyway! - although i grant GOOD christians, having asked for forgivness will the TRY to not repeat the sin. but most? they sin then pray then commit the SAME sin again. and again. and again. but this is all ok, because Jesus forgives them everytime.

    where is the moral framework? where is the GOOD? Christians are LAZY and have LAZY morals. mine? they take a DAMNED lot of work.

    fucktard. who was this guy again, Personal Failure? after midterms are over, i might go and bug HIM, too.

    anyway, just took my night meds, i promised i would quit posting on my meds, so goodnight :) enjoy the koala pic i sent. and i'll be back in the fray by friday!

  4. they sin then pray then commit the SAME sin again. and again.

    That's what pisses me off about it all. They don't even feel compelled to ask forgiveness of the person they wronged- asking jesus is enough.

    Plus, the idea that rapists and child molesters are in heaven while Ghandi burns in hell is a little too much to swallow.

    And I take it back- I though Orthodox Judaism was the hardest religion. Yours sounds like way more work!

  5. Hahahah, a feel good faith! I really wish I had read this before today, this is awesomely funny. One day he can come and worship with me. It's casual, but as a "Lord of your life" I'd say mine might be a smidge more demanding. Mainly because mine wants me to BE GOOD. That whole pesky works not words thing. I should totally go to Christianity where it doesn't matter what you do, just what you say.

  6. If you enjoyed that, feast on this, wherein I take some asshat to task for asserting that we know W. to be good because he is christian.

    you heard me.

  7. well, i guess it is a lot of work, but i don't think its harder than Orthodox Judasim, because if i understand Judaism (i don't. not really, but i think i have some of the basics) most of the things that they have to do is ritual and is about things they can't control (like menstration in women - i once read the "purification" and OMGIDS!) i only have to work that hard if i actively harmed someone (although even if it was accidental, i would still work that hard). we dont have stupid things just for the sake of stupid things.

    but it IS hard. i LIKE that it is hard. it means that i am striving to "perfect" myself - the goal isn't perfection, btw, its becoming as close to perfect as you CAN be. and bragging about it means you missed the point.

    have you read "Jonathan Livingstan Seagull"? when i first tried to explain ban-draoi to my catholic ex-husband, he pulled out that book and said "is this what you mean?" and i read it and it was VERY close, i am CONVINCED the author (whose name escapes me) was pagan.

    i said i would be back in the fray on friday but... Pete had this whole thing planned out, and i did waaaay to much, and i couldn't walk at all yesterday, and i still can't sit up for more than about 5 minutes. i will be going off to Pearly's Place here in a few minutes (i can't do school today. i just can't.) but i am sorry i slacked off all weekend. i feel guilty for letting up the pressure on her. sigh.

    please let our friend (you know who :) know that i am back and ready to fight again.

    also; did you like that koala pic?

  8. love the koalas!

    don't worry, i've been out of the fray for a while. too much painting, not enough resting. hubby better damn well appreciate his new studio. and makes lots of money.


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