Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God Needs a Missile Guidance System

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I find people who blame all misfortune and tragedy (brush fires, earthquakes, tsunamis) on the victims especially disgusting. They're in the same realm as people who ask a rape victim, "Well, what were you wearing?"

I also can't figure out why religious leaders do this. Are they trying to convince me how powerful their god is? They can't possibly be trying to convince me that this entity is just or loving. Maybe they're trying to frighten me into worshipping? (Logical Fallacy: Appeal to Consequences)

Sorry, conversion fail.

Rejecting God’s Final Messenger
By Ron Graham

Our nation is facing the worst economic recession, or depression, in years since the Great Depression; its that should be it's being said that America is experiencing a crisis of historical magnitude. historic, and yes it is. Americans have lived with the mindset of “Get it while you can” or “Gain everything you can today, for tomorrow we die, and after that, nothing”. uh, yeah. it had nothing to do with deregulating Wall Street or anything. It's the average Joe and his unconscionable need for a bigger TV. asshat. But now, as our country struggles to stay afloat, many are losing jobs as well as homes, autos, retirement securities….the list goes on and on. i truly hate phrases like "the list goes on and on". Does Mr. Graham get paid by the word? With what most pundits are touting as the reasons behind this most destructive economic era one would think they’ve got it all figured out and the fix is in. what? doesn't the "fix is in" refer to cheating? and yes, we do know what caused it. fixing it is an entirely different matter.

In general they say it’s the banking and housing markets that are the culprits. well, yeah. Actually, as you might have guessed by now, I have a different view of what ails this nation. yes, but that's because we all know you're freakin' crazy. We’ll never hear any of the secular news agencies actual journalists come within a millimeter a millimeter is the smallest unit of measurement most people use. i think you mean "a mile". or, if we're sticking with the metric system, "a kilometer". of what is really happening to this country. America is and has been rejecting the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for years now. what about Ishmael? Same god, Mr. Graham, like it or not. Rejection of God, as the husbandman found out in Jesus’ parable above, will bring swift retribution.

and this is where the explanation entirely falls apart. first of all, the financial crisis is not restricted to the US. I'm sure a xenophobe like Graham is unaware of this, but since all the financial markets are intertwined, problems in one causes problems in all. This financial crisis is now global.

Graham's proposal is that the US is ungodly, and this has pissed god off. God is now paying us back by making everyone in the world suffer. (see: the Ten Plagues) Not everyone in the world pissed him off, but apparently collateral damage is perfectly acceptable to the omnipotent ruler of the universe. Think about that for a second. The US military has missiles that can go through one specific window of a building, miles away from the launch site, but god can't punish a few people without punishing everyone.

God is less powerful than the US military. Thanks for clearing that up.

What follows next is so ridiculous, it satirizes itself. Keep in mind, Mr. Graham is talking about an omnipotent, omniscient being that created the entire freakin' universe in six days, but apparently has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old girl. A 13 year old bipolar girl. A 13 year old bipolar girl on meth.

Rejection can be an awful feeling. At some point in our lives we’ve probably all felt the sting of rejection. Mostly we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep going. What about God? How do you think He feels when His creation rejects Him? He’s offered us His Son as a sin sacrifice, a free gift if you will, and for the most part He’s been rejected. Do you think God ever gets over the sting of rejection? Do you think He enjoys watching while this Christ rejecting world falls deeper and deeper into the realm of unbelief?

Wow. So, we pick ourselves up and move on, but god- GOD- punishes the entire world regardless of whether or not they rejected his free gift of a "sin sacrifice*". That's just amazing. According to Mr. Graham, if I offer someone a cookie, and they refuse to take it, I have to right to blow up Disneyland.

What follows next is even more ridiculous. (for the record, Obama has never called himself the messiah, or a savior, or anything else. In fact, it was Rush Limbaugh and his cohorts who first started calling Obama "the Messiah". So now, Graham is upset that people who hate Obama call him "the Messiah". For Obama to even respond by saying "stop that" would give way too much credence to what others are saying. Get over it.)

No man being voted into office by a simple majority of folks can or should ever make claim to the title of messiah just because some misguided individuals have placed it upon him. But we currently have a man who is enjoying his reign as king of our land. we do not have a king. we have a president. This man currently sits in the office of the president of the United States . He never denies the title of savior or messiah whenever it is placed upon him. by idiots like rush limbaugh. asshat. He never rebukes those who attempt to crown him with those titles. because even saying "stop that, you asshat" is giving it too much attention. Wouldn’t you call that a rejection of the truth, the truth of who really is entitled to claim the exalted position of Messiah? oh, puh-lease. and if that is true, then it's asshats on your side that started it. good job.

Skip a little and we get a funny misinterpretation of history.

In Jesus’ day, those who supposedly had studied the scriptures hated Him and despised Him and treated Him as a criminal. He was a threat to the power structure, of course they hated him. Look what eventually happened to the Roman Empire. (they didn't need more morals, they need more lions.) What I find funny about this is that Graham is being threatened in the exact same way. He feels that the existing power structure of the religious right is being threatened, so he is attacking that threat. Welcome to irony, Mr. Graham. Today there are many who hate Him and despise Him who’ve never even cracked open a Bible. bullshit. show me a person in the US who has never been exposed to christianity, and i'll show you a recent immigrant from India or Iran. most atheists stopped believing after reading their bibles closely. "god kills little babies for no good reason" is not an inducement to worship for me, anyway. If He were to present Himself to them today in the flesh they would treat Him as a criminal and they would kill Him all over again. that's a theologically confusing image. There is only one way to understand this hatred, it is satanic. and we're back to the old standby: if you don't agree with me, you must worship satan.

Satan has a huge influence on this nation and on all nations of this world because he is the prince of this world. People follow him now just as they always have, knowingly or not. His influence is far reaching, even to the White House and the US president. Wow, we've gone from "Obama isn't Christian" to "Obama worships Satan". I wonder if we'll hit "Obama is the antichrist" soon.

The people are enamored by Obama, but did you ever wonder why? no, i'm not a racist fundy. What did Obama have that the other candidates lacked? ideas? There are powers and principalities behind this man that the normal American can’t possibly discern, Satan! especially those who are without faith in God. A recent news article stated that at the time of Obama’s inauguration 80% of Americans polled were behind him, but that number has dropped to 65% today, at the writing of this commentary. what was Bush's approval rating when he left office? 23%? something like that. Obama hasn’t even been in office a month. The lad just say "boy" and get it over with. doesn’t seem to be holding up well at all. Of course a king will just have those who appose him eliminated without a second thought. that's right- he just accused Obama, apropos of nothing at all, of murdering people who disagree with him.

So there you have it, Obama is a murderous Satan worshipper and god punishes everyone for no apparent reason.

*Please, please, please, explain to me why god needed to sacrifice himself to himself to change a rule he himself made?


  1. joint the atheist blogroll

  2. Attributing stuff to the deity works. If bad shit happens, then the deity is pissed. If bad shit doesn't happen, then the deity is showing us undeserved grace. So everything that happens or doesn't happen proves that the deity exists. Kinda sorta makes the whole reasoning thing moot, eh?

  3. I can't decide if fundamentalism makes one incapable of reasoning, or if people incapable of reasoning pick fundamentalism because it makes reasoning unnecessary.

  4. In that case you need to read Ray Comfort's latest about the chicken / egg thing. Here's a little sample: I can understand that a fish evolved legs and lungs over millions of years--because he (and his necessary female help mate) wanted to breathe, and to walk on dry land.

    One really, really has to work at misapprehending evolution that badly.

    That said, I think it's a positive feedback loop. Person incapable of reason is attracted to fundamentalism for precisely that reason. Fundamentalism then compromises his ability to reason even further, leading to a greater desire to espouse bad logic, and so on.

  5. I can honestly say I really enjoyed that commentary.

    Also, "There are powers and principalities behind this man that the normal American can’t possibly discern" ... ? Principalities? Like Liechtenstein? Liechtenstein is beyond the normal American's discernment? I know it's small, but come on guys, it's a whole country! Oops, sorry - principality!

    Finally, may I suggest that God is actually a 13 year-old bipolar girl on meth suffering from post-natal depression. Rejection? Show me a new mother who doesn't know what that feels like!

  6. It's all Liechtenstein's fault! (They do have a delightfully suggestive name, though.)

    Alex: If Ray isn't deliberately misunderstanding evolution, then he IS the missing link.


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