Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Two-Faced DNA Calls Out the Two-Faced Media

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(or, Fun with Comments)

EuripidesDoesn'tKnowWhatAncientGreekDidWithTheirSpareTime is all up in arms about the two-faced media picking on the unemployed single mother with 6 children who deliberately chose to have 8 more embryos implanted at once.

I find this extra hysterical in light of the below comments from members of the DNA in reaction to the exact same story.

Pearl said: Okay, bad news is that the father and mother are not married. That's a travesty for these kids. But the good news is that she refused to kill her unexpected multiples.

the pomegranateapple said: this is a very weird story. i'm so happy to see someone caring about life before birth, but i'm concerned that she purposefully implanted without a father.

Pearl responding to another commenter: Apparently the mother and father of the children are unwed. The mother has declared bankruptcy, is not a US citizen and has no intention of becoming one, and they are living on public assistance. And then there comes the question of why she did IVF if she already had six children. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying we should regulate number of children, but it's obvious that she didn't need IVF to get pregnant, so was it to purposefully birth multiples? And to what end? Anyway, these are my new questions. I stand by my applaud for her decision to preserve life, even while I wonder...

So tell me, what part about that was any less two-faced than the media's coverage of the same story?


  1. i have to agree.
    i mean, a huge chunk of the point was that it was IVF with donor sperm. and this BOTHERS the DNA, that there is "no father" and etc, because the whole point for them is the family, the nuclear family, and this canNOT be a nuclear family, the mother here is rejecting it.

    so yeah, they are being even MORE two-faced than the MSM.

  2. It's ridiculous. in the space of 5 minutes, they went from "she's a proud warrior for life" to "she's a horrible single mother welfare queen".

    They still can't decide how they feel about her. One post is positive, the next is negative. Positive posts have negative comments from the writer, and vice versa.

    Yet the simple solution of leaving it alone apparently doesn't occur to them.

  3. well, if they left it alone she would be forgotten and the shame would fade...

    actully, i'm trying to see HOW they can shame her. from what i gather, she doesn't ever have sex, so its not like there is anything there to punish her FOR except for her womanhood. which i grant is generally an acceptable reason for fundies to punish ANY woman. but there can't be a "she's a slut" meme if she doesn't have SEX, ferchrissake!

    its like they know she needs to be shamed, but she hasn't done the thing they normally shame single mothers for (having unmarried sex) so they can't put her in a box, so they have to poke at her EXTRA...

  4. actually, you hit on something i didn't even catch. you're probably right about that "can't call her a slut" thing.

    also, i have to wonder if she is part of "operation snowflake" i think it's called. basically, women are impregnated with other people's embryos so the fertility clinics don't destroy them. (you can pay a clinic to keep your unused embryos for a certain number of years, but after that you have to make a decision.)

  5. i forgot about the 'operation snowflake' thing - which, isn't it kidnapping or something, to take other peoples embryos that way?

    it does make more sense that way - i wonder how to find out?

  6. I think they get permission from the potential parents (DNA sponsors? I don't know what to call that) first. I wonder what that conversation is like.

    It does make more sense, though, doesn't it? It would explain why the doctor was so willing to get a single woman pregnant all those times. (Every one of her babies was conceived through IVF.) Militant prolifers would probably find that preferable to allowing an 8 cell embryo to be flushed. (Keep in mind, between 20 and 30% of all pregnancies end at or around that stage, in a miscarriage that the woman assumes is her period.)


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