Friday, February 13, 2009

Will I Be Stimulated?

I have no idea if the stimulus package will stimulate the economy. I am not an economist. Neither is IamHistoryProfessorWhoThinksTehGayIsNew.

I will say this. Anybody who says that Congress got together to : 1) Create an urgency ("crisis" is the nom du jeur) is living in a fantasy land. The crisis is real. Real people are losing their jobs- faster than ever before. Real people are losing their homes- the most since the Great Depression. The stock market is shocky, credit is all but nonexistent, and if you aren't suffering, good for you. Go tell everyone else who is that, hey, no big deal. I'm a big college professor and it's not bothering me any. What's your problem?

File that under arrogance.


  1. Wow, I'm kind of sickened. Just an hour ago I was talking to a friend of my from out of state, and we were comparing how fast it took for the men in our household's to get unemployment. Her hubby got it in a week, my brother took 2 months. That's what we have to gossip about because that's where we are. We're the only people in our households working, and thus the only thing that is keeping a roof over our heads. And if this man really believes that there isn't a crisis then he can come and find jobs for her hubby and my brother. I dare him to.

  2. That really got me, too. To assert that there is no crisis, that it is simply political theatre, is to deny the very real suffering of millions.

    I can't tell you how many people I know (myself included: hubby was raking in the dough a year ago, he just made his first $100 in six months) who were doing fine, and are now on the verge of losing everything.

    Hardworking people, not "welfare queens". People who bought houses they could afford, with 20% down, and are now late on payments. People living within their means whose means have drastically changed.

    What an asshat.


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