Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Truth About David Benkof aka David Bianco

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(or, Why Research Matters)

The bigotsphere is just thrilled with David Benkof, formerly known as David Bianco. Wow! A gay man who thinks gays should be denied rights! Fantastic!

Not so much.

Please, people, do some research. And, you can't even accuse me of scientist-mining: these are just plain old facts.


  1. I've had a few interactions with Benkof and I have come to respect him. He's been a gracious host on his blog as far as allowing competing ideas, and he has been willing to call those on "his side" out for their more egregious behavior.

    However, it is seriously annoying how "marriage defenders" lap him up with a spoon just because he's a gay man who opposes marriage equality. It's as though they think their position has more credibility because ONE WHOLE GAY PERSON agrees with them publicly.

    Anyway I have my own Benkof mini-archive over at my blog, if you're interested.

  2. Why yes I am. Thank you.

    The bigotsphere generally suffers from Hasty Generalization: one person thinks/says/does whatever, therefore anyone from the group they are a part of thinks/says/does whatever. I can't decide if this is a function of lack of education, or just "anything to shore up my own viewpoint" thinking.

    I am hardly surprised to find a homosexual on their side of the fence, there were blacks on the 60s arguing against civil rights, as well. I also can't speak to what informs Benkof's viewpoint. It's easy enough for me to say, "You're gay, accept it and move on." I don't have to be him.

  3. PS- I tried to comment on that person's blog that you linked to, and he didn't allow my comment.

    All I said was that GaysDefendMarriage is a misnomer because the site is really only a single gay man. Thus, it would more accurately be called GayDefendMarriage.

    I guess he wanted to ignore that fact. Cognitive Dissonance is scary.

  4. Yeah, I get moderated into oblivion all the time on DNA sites- always when pointing out facts that disagree with their histrionics. For example, today I informed someone that "gender" refers to behavior and "sex" is what we use to describe XX or XY. That comment never made it.

    That's why I started picking their posts apart on my site.

    The best part is? They regularly congratulate each other for having "civilized debates" on the issue of gay rights. Yeah, it's not a "debate" if only one side is represented.


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