Friday, February 13, 2009

Red is Shockingly Popular at Valentine's Day

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Apparently, the fact that red is (or maybe isn't, I don't know) a popular color right now means we are all going to be socialists soon. (That was communists, for those of you keeping track, but whatever.)

(1) Red is always very popular at Valentine's Day (at least in the US. Readers from other countries, feel free to chime in.)

(2) I love red. I look fabulous in red. Therefore, I decorate and wear as much red as possible. AAAHHHH . . . I must be Stalin!

From the ever popular Rapture Ready message boards:

Sundial begins the silliness with: Lately I've noticed several products marketed with an emphasis on the color red--cell phones have one in red, Dell computer totally want one in red, the youth brigade jackets huh?, a larger percentage of red in the new Pepsi logo pepsi is teh evul--these are just a few products. I did a search on the Pantone website, the world's authority on color trends for the seasons, and there is NO red listed for spring. wow! they missed one. they're not psychics, guys.This is no coincidence. it's teh evul! Our current administration is implementing a a very subtle means of marketing their socialistic agenda. obama controls what colors cell phones and computers come in? either i'm very lucky or that's insane. In a matter of time, we will see red as the primary color choice in our products. all products will be red. and nobody will think to distinguish themselves by choosing blue. yeah. Perhaps we will be known as the "red shirts". like commies!

EndisNear posts a picture of the traditional USSR hammer and sickle (symbol in yellow over a red background): I wonder if we'll be seeing yellow, too. i hope not. i look like i have liver failure in yellow.

jb777 totally accepts the idea that Obama controls our color preferences: I plan to adopt or wear any color I take a mind to....heck with them and their stupid socialist agenda.

wally was apparently channelling me (which would explain that rather awkward blackout yesterday): Colorful fiends! That's why they painted all thoses fire trucks red.To draw all young children deep into their communist clutches!I am soooo glad we have yellow fire trucks......Now why did the utility companies eliminate safety yellow from their vehicles and replace it with white? HmmmmSo the prolotariate would surrender? Yes ! Its all a color plot!Quick form a defense around Crayola! We need more colors!Sounds like diversity training...... wait a minuet.....

just when i think these people can't get any more nuts . . .

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  1. That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
    Why on earth would a man like Obama, who has so much to deal with right now, decide to "market their Socialist agenda" through the color red? Wouldn't there be an easier way? Like just implementing it?


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