Thursday, February 12, 2009

Facism, Nazism, Socialism and Henry Ford

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Apparently, the Republican Party can't tell the difference between Facism and Socialism. Oh, and Henry Ford was a closet Nazi.

I suggest forcing all Republiscum to repeat the sixth grade.


  1. you know, i'm pretty sure that most f the schools i attended (until college of course) did NOT differentiate between communism, fascism or socialism. i had to go browse through the library alone. do all the searching on my own.., otherwise i wuldn't kmow that they ARE different. let alone how. and i know my knowledge on this is small, compared ot someone who actually STUDIED IT.

    who rock, by the way. in a way that THAT writer you linked to did not.

  2. i swear they at least said that the commies hated the nazis (ussr was allied with us in wwii).

    the most recent argument i've seen is that since part of what "nazi" translates to is "socialist", nazis were socialists. talk about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing!

  3. what really bugs me is that people just accept the names tyranical governments call themselfs. "The Democratic Republic of Congo"? which is neither democratic nor republican. the USSR was NOT socialist, and hadn't actually been communist after the first few years. and Nazi? the exact OPPOSITE of socialsim. it just seems so dumb to me, to accept the obvious face titles that these places give themselves, and then BELIEVE that they really are governed that way...


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