Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Because You Don't Find It Funny

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(or: Somebody is a Little Too Into Their Penis)

So, our pal Euripidescorpseisspinning is still obsessed with his own penis, and marginally interested in atheists. (For more on his penis, go here.)

Really, his argument boils down to "I don't get it, therefore, it sucks." I don't enjoy the kind of comedy found in, say, the Scary Movie series. However, if you asked me if the movies were funny, I would say, "not to me" and then explain what kind of humor I don't enjoy. That way, you could decide that either you agree with me, and you won't waste your time, or you disagree with me and might like the movie.

In other words, just because I don't enjoy something, doesn't mean other people won't, and I understand that. I guess some people don't understand the personal nature of humor.

What I enjoyed, however, was yet another penis reference:

With a design that includes stained glass and the phrase "Praise Darwin," written with an Old English script with an illuminated capital, the obvious relationship to scriptural text provides flaccid humor.

Most people would have gone with "tepid humor" or "weak humor" or "little humor". "Flaccid" though . . . this guy is just a mass of Freudian slips.

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