Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun with Daily Morality

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The Blindness of Atheism

(or: Why Atheism is Teh Evul)

okay, this is fun, what follows next is a slew of unattributed quotes. Let's see if we can identify them, shall we?

"Blindness and atheism are ideologically synonomous...." made up by our nameless author. bad form, that.

"Absolute truth implies that truth cannot be subject to one's own mind, but is rather established by an absolute and common Creator, therefore proving God's existence. If there is no absolute truth, it cannot be absolutely held true that God does not exist." and, again

"All deceased atheists either cannot say whether atheism is right or wrong because they don't exist themselves, or they can indeed say that atheism is wrong..." actually all deceased people are incapable of telling us anything because they are dead. unless Mr. Asshat is in regular communication with dead people. his own quote. again.

"If the irrational universe created itself or if an irrational explosion created the universe, then an educated, rational atheist should be able to create the universe with relative ease today..." that makes no sense at all, unless one chooses to redefine almost every word in that sentence. again.

"No faith in God is the most blind faith of all, because it assumes that no faith can be placed in God without any verifying evidence that faith in God fails, and with proof that faith in God is remarkably solid." no faith in any supreme being would simply be no faith at all. actually, the rest of that sentence doesn't make any sense at all. quoting himself. again.

"Atheism is more of a fanciful desire rather than a sincere belief..." so, they're both fanciful desires. so nice of you to admit that, nameless author. usually, that's my line. again.

"The burden of proof for God's existence doesn't reside with the one who asserts God's existence because it is not at all a burden to prove God's existence. What is an impossible burden is proofing He doesn't exist." first of all, proving. second of all, no. and, seriously, stop quoting yourself.

(I am not posting the entire article here, as it is unnecessarily long, and doubtless boring. These are merely the highlights, as it were.)

Atheists are people who deny the existence of their Maker and the existence of the Creator of the universe. we're people who don't believe there is a supreme being. "deny" implies that we know there is a supreme being, a sky daddy if you will, we're just being obstinant about the whole thing. Like 2 year olds. We're not. We just do not believe in a sky daddy. You are more than welcome to believe, or not, in any sky daddy(s) that you wish. Atheism is an ideological struggle primarily against Christianity because Christianity strongly explains the existence of the True God and proclaims that all humans have the responsibility to love and obey His Law. no. atheism, the nonbelief structure, is not in a struggle with anything, being a nonbelief structure. atheists do struggle against christianity, but only in countries where christianity is dominant. atheists do not struggle against christians in saudi arabia, for example. and, we do not struggle against christians because christianity proves the sky daddy, but rather because christians seek to make their faith into laws, because christians regularly persecute atheists and other nonchristians, and christians just can't leave the science alone. asshat.

This Law is written in the hearts of all people who feel exactly the same way you do and is clearly perceived as the embodiment of sanity belief in the sky daddy embodies sanity? seriously? BWAHAHAHAHAHA, civility "you're going to burn in hell for all eternity" is not civil and self righteousness for mankind as a whole. damn those insane, uncivil, unself righteous Hindus. bastards. Atheists are nevertheless against this Law because of their depravity i'm so utterly depraved that i work, pay bills, pay taxes, give to charity, remain faithful to my husband and adopt abused dogs. i'm just awful., but they find it hard to condemn the Law because of its obvious rectitude.

i've said this before, but it bears repeating: what society, ever, has not forbidden lying, stealing and murder? what society could survive that encouraged those actions?

So they deny the existence of the Maker of this Law sky daddy so as to deceptively undermine the universal authority this Law has all right, who leaked the atheist agenda?. So one can truthfully what an interesting use of this word say that debate with atheists over whether God exists is the ideological toggle position hmmm? between immortal human souls morally responsible to God and animalistic human bodies without a soul and responsible to no one and with no life after death. that's right: believe in the sky daddy and you're immortal, human and morally responsible; atheists are soulless, irresponsible animals. nice. although, if atheism renders one soulless, i guess i really don't have to worry about what happens when I die.

Atheists would rather view humans as animals who are not under a universal moral Law from God and would rather not face the reality of an afterlife for souls of humans. no, i just can't believe in the illogical, irrational fantasy of the sky daddy. i like to think that humans are capable of morality on their own, without the necessity of being told that murder is bad. (notice how the ten commandments don't reference rape at all? if you only follow god's law, apparently raping is okay.) as for the afterlife, i'll believe it when i see it. The existence of God nevertheless in their minds is the greatest obstacle against this fantasy no, we don't believe in the existence of the sky daddy. it is the greatest obstacle to rational discussion with christians, however. and so they primarily deny God’s existence on this basis, - often without realizing it. oh, so i think i just don't believe in the sky daddy, but asshat, who is telepathic, apparently, knows different. uh huh.

Even atheists admit this. For example one atheist wrote i added the cite. asshat apparently doesn't feel a need to credit others for their work., “Atheism has wide ranging implications for the human condition. In the absence of belief in God, ethical goals must be determined by secular (nonreligious) aims and concerns, human beings must take full responsibility for their destiny, and death marks the end of person’s existence.” So this is really an outline of the ideology that atheists profess, and denying the existence of God is the most convincingly way in their minds to lend credibility to this ideology. amazingly, that quote admits no such thing. what the writer is saying is that if you remove the sky daddy from the equation, all we're left with is us. so, now we need to end hunger, end violence, help the environment, etc. for me, that's a fantastic thought that makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. for some, not so much, i guess.

Therefore when you are accosted by atheists when has anyone, ever, been "accosted by atheists"? (okay, i'm sure there are some atheist muggers, but that's not what this asshat means.) last time i checked it's not atheists that engage in open air preaching, tract distribution, and door to door sales . . . er, evangelizing. , atheists’ ultimate goal is usually not to get you to disbelieve the existence of God true, worship my socks for all i care, but for you to espouse their ideology nope, just stop abusing my ideology and will be fine. (oh, and quite trying to legislate your beliefs.)(and, leave science to scientist, okay?) and to assume their hostility against God’s morality i can't be hostile against something i don't believe in. i'm not hostile towards the easter bunny, either, against Christianity, against an absolute truth find me one. oh, wait, i got one: e=mc2, against the infallibility of the Bible BWAHAHAHAHA did you know bats are birds and insects have 4 legs?, and against the general conscience of humans it's all the depravity we're sunk in which may naturally feel pricked when it goes contrary to the Law that God has written in everyone’s heart. everyone who feels like you Denying God’s existence is perhaps the most obscure way however, of leading people down a turbulent slope against the historical peace Christianity has brought. what historical peace? is this asshat for real? christians brought down the roman empire into chaos, christianity gave us over a dozen crusades, the salem witch trials . . . is this some new definition of peace i am unaware of?


Atheists wish to argue that statistics and evidence we call that "proof" show that atheists are no more immoral than believers. true, actually When atheists make this claim however, one should realize these three facts. you're going to abuse the word "fact", aren't you? First, when atheists use the word, “moral” they are not talking about the morality of God true, and how does that relate to anything?, but rather what atheistic society has defined “ethical” in a practical sense, if nobody's lying, stealing or murdering, what's the difference? do you really care why the man you just passed on the street didn't kill you?. So in other words, their definition of morality is what atheists call morality. and your definition of morality is what christians call morality, so? Second, when atheists use the word “believer” they are using an immensely broad definition referring to people who claim to believe in God or gods, without regard to the authenticity of those who truly believe in the true God, and those who ostensibly invoke His name. ah, i sense a No True Scotsman coming. The nuance between true believers and hypocrites is greater than the difference between night and day, that's not reallty but atheists don’t make that distinction. that's right, any atheist who does wrong represents all atheists, but any christian who does wrong wasn't christian in the first place. And lastly, atheists fail to realize that atheism is immoral by mere definition , because it promulgates a lie and labels the truth of God’s existence as folly. so, if a christian kills someone, they're moral purely because they are christian, but if i save a busload of children, i'm still immoral


Moreover, the “betterment of humankind” as atheists label it can never be realized through the lie that God doesn’t exist. If one wanted to establish a better path for humankind, he or she would be wise to look beyond the transient corporal existence of humans and consider the eternal spiritual state human souls enter after only a short period of time in the corporal state. Therefore true Christians’ efforts have far reaching implications that continue after corporal death, whereas atheist’s best efforts struggle to reach even the grave. you know, i love this logic. it explains why churches are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure gays don't get married, when there are more than 35.5 million households in the US that don't have enough food. see, it doesn't matter how much people suffer here on earth. child sex slaves? who cares- they'll go to heaven. starving children? doesn't matter- just give them a bible! if you can't see what's wrong with that, i can't help you.


The argument atheists intend to use when they cite the presence of evil is that God, being good, can’t exist because He wouldn’t allow evil. actually, i just argue that it is sophistry at best to assert that good things that happen are god, bad things are free will. it's inane. Such an outlook should spiral atheists into chronic depression. no, actually it does not. if evil is a function of a supreme being, there is nothing to be done about suffering and pain. if, on the other hand, we are responsible for evil, there is a chance, no matter how slim, to end evil. that's reason for celebration. Since they acknowledge that evil does exist, but want to assert that God does not exist, they lock themselves into a hopeless world with no possibility of evil ever being destroyed. see above. i'm not sure how you got from A to Q. God is the only One capable and willing for that matter, to destroy evil. show your work. True Christians look forward to the certain fulfillment of the destruction of evil by God. and it can't be yesterday, because? sky daddy as sadistic voyeaur is not comforting. Atheists must look to the dejected depravity proven historically of man to rectify the world and to scrap evil. huh? There is surely no hope in man for the destruction of evil. i'll admit, it's not likely, but no hope at all? nope. In fact, the exemplification of evil is proceeding from bad to worse in man. show your work. Atheism itself is a form of evil. stop that. God is going to scrap atheism on the last day by the manifestation of Himself. true, if the sky daddy appeared before me, i would absolutely worship him. your point? When everyone bows their knee to God, one evil will certainly be dispelled, and that evil will be the lie that God doesn’t exist. i'd really prefer to get rid of rape and murder and child molestation, but whatever. Atheism is undoubtedly the very producer of THIS evil. well, duh. atheism is indeed atheism.


young earth creationism


stalin was teh evul, therefore all atheists are teh evul


creation proves the creator proves creation proves the creator


Atheists also say that although the Bible does have some truth in it, it is nevertheless a book filled with lies, deception, and fantasy from superstitious idiots. i never said idiots, i did say "bronze age desert nomads". they may have been remarkably intelligent bronze age desert nomads, i don't know. Such a bigoted diatribe truth? the Israelites were bronze age desert nomads, no matter how you spin it. against the Bible is very virulent for the moral development of all people how? hindus are moral, last time i checked. you're not defending the Bhagavad Ghida, are you?, and further verifies that contemporary American atheism insinuates a dissident ideology to the Bible. no, we don't insinuate it, we just say it right out. On the contrary, the Bible has been a huge factor conserving morality throughout the world really? show your work, and has been at the core of beliefs against murder through abortion for example i don't buy that, so you're not convincing me, try again., against cursing and swearing we all know cursing and swearing brought about the end of the roman empire, against violence except the violence god ordered and the violence regularly done in the name of god, and against all evil in general rape's not even covered in the bible. Proper interpretation of the Bible the writer's has never proven pernicious to any innocent person or system. no true scotsman Atheists likewise discount the miracles described in the Bible because there is absolutely no proof of them, and say that if such miracles did occur strong evidence should exist to corroborate them, or else they should be considered false otherwise i can claim to perform 6 miracles a day before breakfast and you have to believe me. The fact is, however, such miracles were witnessed by dozens of people who have accurately told us what happened how do you know they accurately reported events? and what "dozens" of people? only 4 gospels appear in the bible. It would be hard for such evidence to be revamped back to what existed at the time what?. Most importantly, God is the witness to these miracles as well. so, the guy i don't believe in proves himself by witnessing his own miracles? that's not even close to logic. God’s testimony is far better than all evidence. not if you don't believe in god. Evolution, big bang and other propositions of atheists try scientists, the words are not interchangeable do not even have a shred of empirical evidence yes, they do, creationism, however, does not, yet atheists nevertheless believe or at least say they believe them. actually, belief or disbelief in science is irrelevant. the universe is as it is. science only seeks to describe it.


  1. Another FANTASTIC post, yeah, I'm so glad I ran across your blog!! Thank-you also for dropping in on my blog and commenting, you're comment was awesome, funny, but SO VERY true! I hope you'll return :)

  2. Thank you! Of course I will return- one of the best things about this blog is that I discover other bloggers who say things I never even thought of- or say what I'm saying better than I do. (Good thing I don't tend toward jealousy!)

    *adding you to my google reader*

  3. Thank you for responding to that - you took one for the team. I tried to read that blog, but the stupid hurt too much.

  4. You're welcome! If you really want to see taking one for the team, though, check out Helen's dissection of Ann Coulter's latest- that's bravery!

  5. Haha, I love that website, I've actually got it on my blogroll. They are so matter-of-fact, it's brilliant. Nothing beats Nanna's who don't take shit anymore.

    Just thought I'd let you know I've added you to my blogroll (I'm trying to support my anti-stupid league comrades any way I can).

    Also, if you'd like to see someone from the Christian side who is actually fighting for homosexual acceptance, check out a website called Emphatic Asterisk

  6. Thank you! I already had you added for the same reason. And I appreciate the Emphatic Asterisk heads up- I have the Slacktivist on my blogroll to remind myself and others that not all Christians are bad.

  7. Glad to see someone else posting about these hate-mongers.

    And FYI, the bigot who wrote this stuff is named Jeshua Lee.

  8. Thank you. And, thank you. Little disturbing that the guy who didn't pick up on Jesus' message has his actual name.


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