Monday, December 22, 2008

American Thinker is Full of Fail

I randomly clicked on two articles and found two instances of sexism. Unbelievable! American Thinker is a huge conservative website, so it's easy to see why the GOP is full of fail these days.
Christopher Chantrill also hates the ladies.
In the economic sector, conservatives believe in the fundamental community of interests. We believe, unlike many others in our society, that Americans can offer their labor in the marketplace and themselves into marriage, and their children into the world, and trust that everything will turn out all right. But we don't want to talk merely about the free and competitive marketplace. Conservatism must not just appeal to men, who believe in competition, but belong also to women, who major in cooperation.
Men are competitive, women just want everybody to get along. That's why there aren't any WOMEN IN THE OLYMPICS! There's no WNBA, there aren't any female CEOs, no women in politics. Cuz we just spend all day cooperating while the bigmanlymen compete. Yeesh.
Good luck appealing to women the way the Democratic Party does if you can't admit that women and men, for all the minor differences, are pretty much the same.

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