Friday, December 19, 2008

Guilt by Association

(I'm not happy with Obama after the Warren pick, but I'm not letting the following idiocy go, either.)
Guilt by association can be summed up pretty easily: Bob is a criminal, Al is friends with Bob, therefore, Al is also a criminal.
Any sensible person could tell you that guilt by association is essentially unfair. We cannot control the actions of others, nor do we know every detail about everyone we know.We all know someone who does things, perhaps illegal, perhaps unethical, that we wouldn't want to be associated with.
Ever since the Blagoscandal broke, Rush Limbaugh has been guilting by associating Obama. His basic premise is: Blago is a criminal, Blago is from Illinois (land of felons), Obama is from Illinois, therefore, Obama was deeply involved in every minute detail of Blago's criminal activities.
If you're from Timothy McVeigh's home state, you were helping him build the bombs!

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