Monday, December 22, 2008

Once More With Feeling

"Allah" is simply the arabic word for "god".

Let me put this another way.

If I am in Mexico, I don't point at a dog and say "dog", I say "perro". I am not referring to any other animal, but if I said "dog", the Mexicans wouldn't have any idea what I am talking about. (Yeah, I'm pointing, but perhaps I am referring to the color of the dog, or the size of the dog, or the location of the dog. They wouldn't know.)

"Allah" does not refer to any specific god, any more than the english word "god" refers to a specific god. After all, I could use the word "god" to refer to Shiva or Krishna as easily as the christian deity.

Now that we have that cleared up, let's see what prompted it: a question on the RaptureReady bulletin board entitled Arabic Bible Version.

Shining Brightly: We recently purchased an Arabic/English Bible. However, upon reading the Arabic, I discovered to my horror that in reference to God it says Allah!!! You can handicap stupidity by the number of !s alone.

Allah: Derived from an old Semitic root refering to the Divine and used in the Canaanite El, the Mesopotamian ilu, and the biblical Elohim, the word Allah is used by all Arabic-speaking Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others.

This is a very popular version published by the International Bible Society. Does anyone here know of an alternative to this? Such as using the generic term for God "rabona". I cannot find the word "rabona" anywhere. If this is a generic term of "deity", it doesn't get used much. Probably because they're all using allah.

It is highly disturbing and misleading for the Arabic speaking world to read about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as Allah. Our God does have a name, but it is certainly not Allah. Do you typically refer to god as any of these? God has lots of names in the old testament, none of them are "god". Unless the poster is referring to "Jesus"? That's an anglicization anyway. The Hebrew for that is "Yeshua". Any help gratefully received.

A couple of respondents actually pointed out what I did, even adding that Arabic-speaking Christians referred to god with that word prior to the birth of Islam.

Antitox thinks that Arabic-speaking Christians are easily confused as to which religion they belong to: I think it is incorrect because today's arab/mideasterner is going to think of the Islamic god as Allah. That means the jihadist's god Timothy McVeigh was a Christian. Are all Christians domestic terrorists? is what they are going to refer to, not the God of the Bible. Ya know, unless they are christian. It just doesn't fly; it'll be too misleading, confusing, etc. This guy undoubtedly got all bent out of shape about Obama's name, too.

Faithmarie actually gets more disturbing than that: There is nothing to get upset over or is there? dumdumdum ...... BUT allah is not the word for god. It is a pagan gods NAME that existed before islam existed. Allah had three daughters. He was the moon god , I believe, that is why they kept the cresent moon. Mohammed kept the name from the pagan religion . Illah ( I don't remember the spelling) That is why the muslems say there is no Illah but allah. Illah= god.

Hey, why do christians celebrate the birth of Yeshua on December 25? Historical evidence definitively proves that he was born in March. Why do christians celebrate easter 40 days after the first full moon after . . . whatever? Why would it be a revolving date? You know why? Because when the christians moved into european pagan territory, rather than attempting to entirely replace the various pagan traditions with christianity, they simply placed the christian traditions right on top of them. Hence Christmas instead of the old winter solstice festival and Easter instead of Beltain (the spring equinox celebration and the most important pagan holiday of the year. pagans celebrated every phase of the moon, and ended up having celebrations about once every other week, but Beltain was the highlight of the year.)

This whole crescent moon thing with the three daughters is Jack Chick crap (WARNING: that link will bring you to the most hateful, bigoted shit you've ever seen. Seriously, Jack Chick makes the Grand Dragon of the KKK look like an open minded liberal). Yes, that was a belief system in place prior to Islam in those regions. It has less to do with Islam today than the old pagan traditions with christianity today.

So it is a BIG, there's not, but continue Christians will use allah because of the MANY years of persecution they have suffered. or because it is the Arabic word for god. Besides alot two freakin' words are nominal christians as in America. Even if Arabs are christians, they're not really christians. the only real christians are US christians.They are very big replacement theology, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA see above christians in Syria and Lebanon. That is the only countries I have experience with.America's word for god is god for all other gods but to use a capital G for God we are referring God The Father. they use a capital "a" to refer to their guy. capital "g" beats capital "a" why? Allah is NOT the same god as the Christian God. It is demon god. WHo thirsts for blood. vampire! allah is coming to suck your blood (bela lugosi voice)

Nobody even tries to correct this.

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  1. you can fynd, in the bible where someone (Isaiah? it was the son of Sarah the barren's handmaid and sarah's the Barrens husband. as soon as sarah had her own welp. she kicked out handmaid and kid, and went on to be one the for father of Islam AND THEY ARE TOO THE SAME FUCKING GOD - JEW OR MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN OR MORMON IT IS ALLALLALLALLALLALLALLALL THE SAME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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