Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am indeed intolerant of your intolerance

Well, conservative martyrdom has reached its logical conclusion: the accusation that liberals are being intolerant of their intolerance, thus proving that liberals are more intolerant than conservatives are, and are, in fact, hypocrites.


For background, I am riffing off the latest post by Jesurgislac, in which (s)he examines the backlash of the Mormon support of Prop 8. My post was specifically motivated by a "secret" sent into postsecret. The text of the postcard reads "I hate that people who are prohomosexual are good and tolerant, but antihomosexuals are evil and ignorant."

You know what, sorry little friend, but you are evil and ignorant. Hating a person for the sexual orientation they were born with is evil and ignorant. It reveals nothing about homosexuals, who are no concern of yours, and everything about your tiny, fearful soul.

Truth is, bigotry, like violence, is a double-edged sword with a razor sharp blade. Every time you swing it, you will damage yourself as much, if not more, than your target. You fill your own world with fear and hatred, and if you had your way, you would get rid of all the homosexuals, then all of us who support them, then our friends and families, and eventually you would be left with the one person who truly frightens you: yourself.

I'm sorry for your fear, oh bigoted one, but I cannot tolerate it. I have my own fears, but they have taught me to love and to live and grab the future with both hands. I will not bow down to your fear, I will not tolerate your hatred and I will spend the rest of my life confronting you, showing you a mirror and daring you to look in it. I will defend to the death your right to say what you will, but I will say what I mean: you are an evil, ignorant bigot and your time is done.

When I am queen, you will be first against the wall, and your opinion will be of no consequence at all.


  1. I saw that post; it pissed me off something fierce. Proper application of the word "bigotry" to actions/ideologies that ARE not intolerance. It's called telling the freaking truth. (The cognitive dissonance involved in this usurping of victimhood is staggering.)

  2. it fits right in with the "christians are oppressed" meme.

    i hate living in a world where love is a bad thing.


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