Monday, December 22, 2008

Is Monday Misogyny Day?

Three articles, less than 30 minutes, 3 examples of sexism/misogyny.

Exhibit "3"? Rush Limbaugh excoriates Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg for: EATING IN PUBLIC. That's right, kids. Eating in public. Eating. In. Public. How dare a woman eat in public. It's, it's . . . oh, wait, what is it again? . . . rude. It's rude.

Here's Rush's take on the whole woman-eating-food thing:

Social skeletons or something, she's rich and she's thin and thin rich is in. Emaciated thin rich is in. So I was stunned, I just saw some videotape with Caroline Schlossberg sitting next to the Reverend Sharpton, and she was eating voraciously, which surprised me because when you look at Caroline Schlossberg, you don't think she focuses on eating too much.

Yeah, I'm thin, too. Really thin. Most stores don't carry clothes small enough to fit me. I've gotten quite good at tailoring. Keep in mind, I eat about 4,000 calories a day, most of that sugar. (It's probably some porphyria thing.) I hate being this thin. I hate not being able to find clothes that fit, I hate having bones sticking out, and I don't feel sexy about it. So you know what, Rush? Back the fuck off. You don't know Ms. Schlossberg. Maybe she's like me.

And then something else hit me. That was a major faux pas. Well sure. A woman enjoying food, right there in public, in front of everyone, is so rude I'm surprised the Rev. Sharpton didn't pass out from the shame.

I'm thinking, this woman, she doesn't even understand the basic. You do not allow yourself in public to be photographed eating. You just don't. You know this instinctively. Confirmation of my belief that Rush lives in the 1950s. I'm sure that at some point, a women being seen eating in public- and enjoying it, oh my!- was beyond the pale. Not anymore, baby! You can have your cake, then eat it, and have the best time ever doing it. In public, even!


  1. Limbaugh has lost it. He's about two weeks away from reading Howard Johnson placemats and impersonating farm animals to fill up air time.

  2. LOL!

    I asked my boss, who is in his 60s and very "high society" if he found that offensive, and he said "I just want whatever it was she was eating. Looks like it was delicious."


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