Monday, December 29, 2008

I Am a Mass Murderer

Well, I must be, I'm an atheist!

No, really, "Vox Day" proved it.

Good to know what I'll be doing later today.


  1. wait, so the Crusades, one and all wars that had the stated goal of "converting the heathen muslim" were not religious? (okay, it wasn't phrased that way, but it was one of the main reasons)
    the 30 years war, 1618-1648, where catholic fought protestant over which way peasants were going to worship, wasn't about religion?

    the Spanish Armada wasn't a catholic nation attacking a nation that was rejecting catholism FOR rejecting catholism?

    the peasants war in the 1500's, started by Martin Luther nailing some 99 Theses about how the catholic church was corrupt (and ended by Martin Luther selling out to the nobles...) wasn't about religion?

    i could go on. most wars HAVE been about religion. hell, every fucking war recorded in the bible, for one! the conversion of Europe, arguably one war that took centuries - read some of Tactius or Cesaer...

    fucking MORON. even the Revolutionary war (the US one) had religious ROOTS. ARGH!!!!!!

  2. breathe. in with the good air, out with the bad.


    yeah, reread your bible. god didn't just order the israelites to slaughter their enemies, he ordered them to rip unborn children from their mothers' bodies. he ordered every male, from newborn to ancient killed, and virgin women to be taken as breeders to be raped at will.

    to paraphrase george santayana, no one could imitate god without doing an equally good imitation of charles manson.


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