Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hordeing Gears

Don't worry, I can spell "hording". "Hordeing" is something else entirely.

A female friend of mine asked me how I can enjoy video games, which rarely involve strong female characters, and when they do, those women are always, always dressed like porn stars.

The truth is, that does bother me. The truth is also that, as a 5'1.5", 100lb female, playing a huge, hypermacho badass with an even bigger gun is crazy fun! I imagine that 15 year old, skinny, nerdy boys feel the same way.

I fear strange men at night. I recognize that any random date (not that I've been on a date in a decade) could be a rapist, or worse. So, it's fun to pretend to be someone that will never have that fear. And to remember that, in my own way, I do have power. I can change the world, even without a chainsaw gun.

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