Saturday, December 6, 2008

Younger Men Love Age Obsession

So, my MIL is watching some horrible movie (I'm guessing Hallmark Channel or Lifetime) starring Heather Locklear about, I dunno, finding love again, or self-affirmation through screwing younger men or something.

Here's the lesson the movie (from what I can tell): I can catch me a significantly younger man by obsessing about my age, our age difference and generally being neurotic and self-absorbed.

Do men in their twenties actually get turned on by this? Really?

And, why would a 40 year old woman spend 3 hours crying about having great sex with a hot, young guy?

And and, why is it that a 40 year old man screwing a 27 year old woman is a bad thing to be scorned, but a 40 year old woman screwing a 27 year old man is life affirming and to be praised? Shouldn't we be scorning the woman as much as the men, rolling our eyes and calling the younger men gold-diggers? Or, could we just stop with the judging and leave adults to make their decisions without our involvement?

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