Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Case You're Wondering . . .

What the lunatic fringe has been up to recently . . .

The RaptureReady bulletin boards are the scariest place on the planet. Seriously, seriously scary. I could dismiss these people as idiots or crazies, but they are so very sincere . . . and they vote! THEY VOTE! . . . and children. They have lots of children! I highly suggest watching Idiocracy if you're up for a good scare.

From Revived Roman Empire:

I found this on one site and it said that the Muslims will make a peace agreement with the "Romans", and it also says that the Romans should be interpreted as Christians or the West. Obviously, we can't go by the Koran, huh? but I was wondering if anyone thought that we could possibly interpret the revived Roman Empire as the U.S.? why? because the US is nowhere near the Roman Empire? Do I need to send someone else a globe?

Personally, I think not. Plus I take into account the Koran is nothing more than fantasy. And your religious book is better? Be prepared to show your work.

my hubby, who dosen't read his Bible does he read someone else's? thinks revived rome is the US too... he also thinks the AC has power ofer the beasts of the earth (meaning dogs and bears etc ) and is the seventh son of a jackalsee where not reading your Bible can get you? Apparently the same place reading your bible can get you.

Actually it is even worse than that - [the Quran] is a document that has been authored by Satan! Wonder why things keep blowing up? I'm just going to apologize to every Muslim in the world and get it over with. Does anyone have the mailing list?

another one of his best sellers! I knew Satan wrote the Twilight series! No other explanation for how such bad writing could be so popular.

From Is Obama the AntiChrist?: (Just to be clear, antichrists in the plural are mentioned 4 times in the bible, not once in revelation. 1 John 2:18, 2:22, 4:3 and 2 John 1:7. Antichrists are people who claim to be like Jesus, but don't act like him. Like everyone on RaptureReady!)

I'm not suggesting it, so not to worry. I don't believe that he is, anyway; he doesn't have the right ancestry. Who knew being black would be a positive with these people? The Antichrist, whoever he is, will be a European of Roman ancestry. It's me! I'm the antichrist! I don't believe he's the False Prophet, either yeah, I think that's me, too. I do believe, however, that Obama has the Antichrist spirit ummmm . . . ok. And unless God does a miraculous work in his heart first, I can definitely foresee him working hand-in-glove with the Antichrist and the False Prophet to help them bring about their world government. yes, these people get really worked up about the New World Order. In fact, that's why they love Bush and his wars and complete lack of diplomacy. When McCain says he wouldn't talk to Spain- Spain!- they probably all orgasmed as one. To them, nations working together in peace is a sign of THE END OF THE WORLD! But wait, there's more! They think that when the end of the world happens, they'll all be raptured up to heaven (naked!) first. So, if they're here when nations start working in peace together, it means they weren't raptured and will burn forever in hell.

Just to recap, to you and me, peace is good. To these premillenial dispensationalism freaks, peace means they were wrong and will suffer and eternity for it. As I keep reminding you, these people vote.

No Obama is not the one and only Anti-Christ there isn't one and only antichrist in the bible, but pray continue but he is an antichrist. As a Catholic who is Born Again by reason of having prayed to Jesus and asked Him to come into my heart and cleanse me of all my sins and become my Savior not a Catholic anymore I believe that the very last Pope of the Catholic Church will be the Anti-Christ. Ah, the Catholic Church is teh evil meme.

A Roman "pope" why is this word in quotes? would be ideally set up for the job. In the world of politics, no one blames him for all the world problems. He could slip in easily after all the politicians fail. ever notice how to these people god works in mysterious ways, but satan is a superefficient overachiever?

He may not could be, maybe not, who knows? be the AC I keep reading this as Atlantic City, but he certainly is a "Strong delusion" he doesn't exist except in my mind and the minds of the majority of USians who voted for him? the inauguration will be awkward!,Six months down the road people will be scrapping really? scrapping? off the Obama/Biden sticker to keep their vehicles from being Vandalized. random capitalization and if the Bush/Cheney stickers and McCain/Palin stickers haven't created a rise in car vandalism, what would?

I tend to agree the Antichrist will not be from America. The name of his chief of staff spooks me, though.Rahm Emanuel means Highest God with us And my name means "belief in things unseen" which I don't, so what does that have to do with anything? Does this idiot get that people are named by their parents, they don't choose their own names? I love Rahm Emanuel's name, only because the boss in Gears of War was General RAAM (which is pronounced the same) and I find that quite amusing. I don't assume that Mr. Emanuel is a locust.

This is from Interesting Article on the 144,000: (this refers to Rev 7:4 Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel.)

Hi all. I believe that these Jews are currently living and spread all over the world, unknowingly waiting for their time of evangelism. They're just waiting around for you to preach the good word to them. Because they've never heard of Jesus before. Ever. The instant you say "Jesus Christ" to them, they will fall to their knees and thank you for the blessing you have given them. Many may not even know that they are Jews. Judaism is a religion. You couldn't unknowingly be Jewish any more than I could unknowingly be Muslim. I believe all will receive a visitation which will show them their purpose and they will receive their marks which will provide them with supernatural protection so that the anti-christ cant harm them. So people who don't believe in Jesus go to hell, except for those Jews alive during the Rapture, who instantly get a get-out-of-tribulation free card? Doesn't it show what an awesome God we have that even though he would be justified in letting all left behind perish, that he still provides a chance for salvation for those who will listen. if they're Jewish These Jews for Jesus will do an awesome job it appears if you read Revelation. Jews for Jesus are Christians, moron! It talks of John asking who the multitudes of the saints he sees before the throne of God are. He is told by Jesus that it is those who came out of the great tribulation , all died for their new faith, or as it says, were beheaded for their witness. Isn't it ironic that this is the preferred method of execution by radical islam? from the Alanis Morisette school of irony, I see. Well, thats a whole other story. Many if not most of these saints I believe will be muslim converts. weren't they just Jews 2 sentences ago? Are they Jewish Muslims? Muslim Jews? Muslim who don't know they're Jews? Muslim Jews for Jesus? Jewish Muslims for Jesus? Jewish Christians for Muhammed?Their method of execution and the fact that most in western countries have had opportunities to hear and reject the gospel for years makes me lean in this direction. non sequitur.

Stating that they [the 144,000] are evangelists, doesn't make them evangelists, true any more than the crowed crowd? Moses let out he opened the gate? of Egypt sudenly started evangelising. actually, Jews were quite evangelical back in the day. I don't know if they were evangelical during the time of Moses, but they were for at least 1,000 years. I believe these 144,000 are simply "acceptable" quotes, why? to God and "worthy" more confusing quotes to be called God's chosen people. God needs to save someone, these are those who have been chosen. god covers his eyes with one hand, spins in a circle, points with the other hand. "You!" he thunders. "You will be chosen." or perhaps, "Yeah, whatever, just grab the first 144,000 people you see, Gabriel, it's not like being chosen is special or anything." This is not evidence that they will be evengelising. I know what evangelizing is, but what's evengelising? "And these boards, they must be level before the lord!"

It just goes on and on and on like that. Amazing. Though I did see a reference to Hal Lindsey, so I'm going to go check that out.


  1. random capitalization and if the Bush/Cheney stickers and McCain/Palin stickers haven't created a rise in car vandalism, what would?
    Okay, I giggled at the first part, but I think I have your answer to the question you pose: Most progressives/liberals are pretty keen on those Civil Liberties (non-random capitalization) so we tend to not vandalize free speech with which we disagree. An odd manifestation of that "Do unto others" thing, I know. The ex-Catholic probably claims to espouse the Golden Rule (but look how willingly she admits that having an Obama sticker could get you vandalized, LOL)

  2. I have notice that, as an atheist, I live far more closely to the actual ideals Jesus espoused (do unto others, judge not, etc.) than the vast majority of Christians.

    I always wonder if I'm reading the bible wrong, or something . . .

  3. Well, I guess you COULD be.
    I have obviously been reading my Rand wrong, since there are a large number of LDS who claim to be "Libertarian." I can't quite get from "objective reasoning alone" to "magic underwear."

  4. I thought my WonderBra(tm) was magic! (Of course there is that letdown problem, but what can you do?) What does their underwear do? Does it take care of that letdown thing?

    check this out for fun: (how do i make a pretty link in my comments?)

  5. I'm pretty sure that a defiler (read: completely disinterested person) like myself will never ever be privy to the meaning of the sacred panties (good thing I don't much care. Like, at all.) But they do exist. And I can state with certainty that Ms. Rand not only wouldn't have worn them, she'd have openly mocked those who did.


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