Monday, December 15, 2008

The Math of the Insane

This has to be the most horrifying view of god ever. See that picture above? That's from Gears of War 2. I love- LOVE- the game, it's beautiful and it is crazy violent. I enjoy snipering Locust in the head, which creates a fountain of blood, accompanied by the sound of a melon exploding. And I consider the below horrifyingly violent. I can only hope this guy isn't exposing children to this. He probably is.

OP is Armageddon. What will we be doing in this "war"? What is up with these people and inappropriate quotes? Do they airquote in face to face conversations? What do you think it will be like? Where will we fight? Anyone know? Or have an idea?

About 3 posts like this: I'm pre-trib, so I believe we'll be "watching" this battle from a heavenly perspective. I believe we'll be giving glory to God for His righteous judgment. Yeah, that would be some good time there. Wheeeee!

Here's where we stop the kiddies from reading:

The thing is, we won't be doing any fighting at all. That sounds good, right? As we sit on our white horses other colors are evil? behind Jesus, we will witness the armies of the anti-christ dropping dead and basically exploding at the words from our Savior's mouth *jaw drops* At least the Locust have a chance of evading my shots. (Frequently they do. I'm not all that good at the game, I just enjoy it.). It's going to be bloodbath, wait for it a righteous one who enjoys that? In a video game that would sicken me. In real life, happening to real people, my last thought would be "righteous". more like, Jesus, stop it! Please!. We, the resurrected ones, will do nothing more than bear witness to His righteous judgment on the rebellious masses. Sit there and watch Jesus turn people into hamburger. Even if they are rebellious, they don't deserve that.

This event will take place in the Valley of Megiddo so if you're going to be rebellious, stay the hell away from the Valley of Megiddo, that's roughly where we will return to after our 7 year departure. The entire world will see Jesus and us us, the righteous ones, with Jesus, on white horses! coming in the clouds *spews tea all over keyboard* that was just unfortunate. I thought god was against that sort of thing. The sun and stars will go black, as if a light switch in the heavens was shut off c'mon, turn the damn sun back on, oh, sorry about that *click*, pitch black. Suddenly, piercing beams will shine on the earth light a spot light, the rainbow colored glory of our Lord will permeate everything. HAHAHAHAHA when taken with "coming in the clouds" this is way funnier than it should be. plus, I wonder if "permeate" is really the word this asshat is looking for. Then the clouds will part these clouds are getting so much action! and the world will see Him.

This "war" isn't really a war, but a one sided slaughter of those who chose to rebel against our Savior and fight for anti-christ. why would I worship someone willing to engage in a one-side slaughter? He gave us free will, he saw this coming, he is love-- he is the Terminator on crack. Although, it makes it easy to see why people like the poster support unjust wars and torture. If that's how you see your savior, it must be easy to think that making people scream for no reason is just. In our resurrection bodies i'm not touching that, we will be able to take in the entire battlefield, we will see men and women screaming and runnig for their lives in a frenzied terror as Christ rides across the plains of Jezreel again, why would i want to see this?. Millions of bodies will lay strewn and broken everywhere weren't they just exploded? so, really millions of bits of bodies and a whole lot of blood will be stewn everywhere. those won't be white horses for long. It will be a sobering moment in history. yeah, no fucking kidding. how about "horrifying" or "sickening" for starters?

The wicked will get what they deserve i deserve to be exploded and strewn about. nice., and the Church, saved by the Blood, will see what they deserved had they not turned their hearts and lives over to the Man on the white horse out in front. is this a western, or the apocalypse? He is as loving as He is just did you just read above?, and with our new bodies, we will appreciate that at levels unknown to us presently. uh-huh In that moment, we will see His justice executed after 7 years of pure bliss in Heaven. if I fucking know that is what happens next, how could I possibly enjoy the time in heaven? unless my new body comes without a conscience? One day to God is as a thousand years to man the bible says. Perhaps our time in Heaven will feel like a few thousand years, who knows? yeah. I'm feeling old after 33 years. Surrounded by the celestial splendor of the Father's House, we may hardly be mindful of the tribulations happening on he first heaven below us. what? Our world will be filled with enormous golden mansions enormous golden mansions do not turn me on. lots of other things do, though I doubt i'd get any of that in heaven., angels and the physical presence of Christ Himslelf, he explodes people! i'd rather he not be there! but all must come to past pass, jackass, and we must return with him to rule and reign on the earth. ruling and reigning doesn't do it for me, either. can i have some really hot sex with [censored] and kill myself before the exploding starts? (and it would be really hot sex. really, really hot. really, really, really . . . sorry, muscle relaxants make me . . . um . . . imaginative)

We will return to our world after 7 years (earth time HST, heaven standard time?), perhaps overcome by the memories it held we're blissful, and then we're not, shocked at how far it has deteriorated under anti-christ's reign. We will witness Jesus put out more lives in moments than all other wars over a period of many months. why am I supposed to enjoy this? What is wrong with this asshole? With our new bodies and minds we will be ever more appreciative of our status as His bride, His Beloved. no sex with [censored], i guess. maybe the antichrist is . . . sorry.

next post totally ignores the FREAKING SLAUGHTER to talk about clothes: We will be watching dressed in our white linen robes from the marriage supper. now we're pro-polygymy?

this guy scares me, too: Not perfect but forgiven, that was beautifully written. beautiful? seriously? what part of SLAUGHTER and EXPLODING was beautiful? I've never thought much about this war. I wonder what we will feel for those that are slaughtered. hopefully sorrow. regret. sadness. no, wait: Maybe we won't feel much for them if anything at all. because that's the godly way to feel, apparently. SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL BE FAMILY MEMBERS, SICKO! I bet we will be able to see their souls leaving their bodies too. just what I always wanted to see. I wonder if there will be any people that at the last minute regret the decision to take the mark. Or if at that point everyone left with the mark is 100% without morals and truly truly evil. or maybe they're just people who don't enjoy fucking slaughter, and would rather be on the losing side than support psychochrist!

All of these people are psychopaths! Not Perfect, But Forgiven's poster of the "beautiful" description description is my understanding of the battle as well. About the only thing I would add is that the dead will be made into a nice meal for the birdies! yeah! you are making light of the slaughter of millions! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

This guy seems to think he might feel something- for all the wrong reasons: AMEN to us not doing the killing. I'm sure all of us we'll have someone we know still 'left on the ground' - let alone a loved one, or 2! It will be hard enough just to watch.What about those who we see slaughtered that happened across our path in life and we did nothing to be a witness for Christ - that brings a tear to my eye in shear guilt, blame, & embarassment. God's just such a nice guy, ain't he? Why is he punishing the chosen? Think about it- you do everything right, deny yourself a lifetime of pleasures (mmmm [censored]) and your reward is to watch loved ones slaughtered? Great.


  1. "Those who delight in the slaughter of people will never thrive among all that dwell under heaven."

  2. That's very beautiful. What a better view of god (or something) then the christian one.

    The great Tao covers everything like a flood.
    lt flows to the left and to the right.
    The ten thousand things depend upon it
    and it denies none of them.
    It accomplishes its task yet claims no reward.
    It clothes and feeds the ten thousand things
    yet it does not attempt to control them.
    Therefore, it may be called "the little."

    i needed that little bit of peace after wading through the explosions. thank you.


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