Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let Me Explain Something to You

Well, not you. If you're reading this, you probably don't need to, but I have something to get off my chest, so . . .

Ever have someone tell you how great Jesus is? I don't mean people knocking on your door, I mean an acquaintance, coworker, family member or friend who just cannot shut up about how great Jesus is, and exactly where you'll be burning when you die?

Yeah, me, too.

Keep in mind, that while as Personal Failure, I am outwardly atheistic and frequently sacriligious, in real life, I keep my atheism to myself and don't profane others' beliefs.

My mother raised me right.

All I can assume about the following people is (a) their mothers were bible thumping wolves, or (b) being a christian obviates all normal social rules. I'm going with (a).

Imagine visiting this restuarant: I ordered the gospel of John, from the pocket league and have them scatterd all over in the restraunt we own. We play only christian music and I wait all day for any chance I get to witness, Sometimes people leave, Or make a remark about the christian overtones. But it has opened doors for me to be able to witness to those who are looking, I am thrilled everyday when I go in and count the tracks tracts. TRACTS! to see how many were taken !!! I just pray to plant a tiny seed and for it to take root. It it amazing how many non-believers sense time is short. Yet they do not know Christ. It makes for some very interesting conversations !!!

If you run into true nonbelievers (we prefer atheist) who "sense time is short" they are either very worried about global warming or they have a terminal illness. I have to say, I would be pretty fucking angry to go to a restaurant, pay for my meal and have to deal with proselytizing. You know what, you own a restaurant open to the public. That's going to include people not of your faith. Try not to harrass them.

elpnvn needs some advice: i have a coworker who is a very active member in a SDA (seventh day adventist) church. she is homosexual and thinks she was born that way. i have been feeling lately like i need to say SOMETHING to her about it because i don't think she knows it is wrong. could some one please explain to me more about the SDA church if that may have anything to do with it? i just don't know how to approach the whole situation

here's some advice: she was born that way, she's your coworker, LEAVE HER ALONE. of course that's not the advice elpnvn was given. can you imagine being this poor woman? (the gay coworker, not the asshole-for-christ.) bad enough to be openly gay in this day and age, but now your coworker is harrassing you about jesus and the rapture? i sincerely hope the woman contacted HR. that's my advice.

this one would lead me to fire the poster's butt: Not sure if my advice will help, but I will share my conversation I had today with one of my clients. I'm a Licensed Nail Tech. I have been doing my clients nails for 2 years. Today the Lord led me to step up my witnessing another notch. When she mentioned her daughter again today, I asked her was she married to the man in her life. She said "No". I told her , "you as a Christian knows the Lord will not bless her and she may be left behind if Rapture occurs in her life time, we ALL have to get right with God." I said me as your Sister in Christ could not sleep tonight if I don't say something. The seed is planted in mom, prayerfully she will heed the warning. I pray All Christians will step up their witnessing. Listen to the inner voice in you, it will tell you what to say and when to say it. Just keep praying for the Lords direction.

what warning is mom supposed to heed exactly? clearly, daughter is an adult. what can mom do about it besides further strain what is undoubtedly a strained relationship? beyond that, the poster may be a Sister in Christ, but she's also a damn nail tech. Do the damn nails and evangelize on your own time! I hope the mom switched nail salons.

can you imagine having this nurse as you lay in a hospital bed dying? I was listening to Chuck Swindoll rhymes with? on my way in to work this morning. He mentioned an evangelistic nurse that he knows, he said she works with elderly people that are in the last throes of their earthly life. When the time is near she asks them if they are afraid of death to which they almost always respond "yes". Then she asks if they would like to be assured of everlasting life through Jesus Christ, and many of them reply...... "no". I couldn't believe it, people who are minutes away from death are being given one last chance through this angel of a nurse to repent and turn to Christ with their last breath, our Lord will even forgive them for everything at the very last minute. And still many refuse. Truly this is a depraved world!

Please, try to imagine that. You are dying. It is painful, it is frightening, and ultimately, it is lonely. As it gets harder and harder to breathe, as the darkness closes in, a nurse approaches you. Maybe you barely even notice, maybe you think, "please, help me". Does she? Does she at least hold your hand, perhaps even offer you words of comfort? No, she quizzes you on your emotional state and then proselytizes at you! I'm surprised all she gets is no: my last words would be "fuck you, you psychopathic bitch!" I wish who I could figure out who this nurse is so I could have her kept away from the dying people.

I think the child abuse laws need to be amended to include this situation: I need some advise. My son accepted Jesus as his Saviour last year (when he was 9), and has been baptised. All this without any pressure from us, and on his own conviction. He has a very good knowledge of the Bible, and reads the Word every night (again, we don't need to tell him, he does it because he wants to.) Unfortunatly he is unsure about his salvation, and because of all the Rapture talk and everything going on in the world, he now feels unsure of his salvation. He also says that he does not always "feel" that he loves God. His greates fear is to be left behind. I have tried to comfort him with Word, and some sermons, and just talking to him, but he is still unsure. His salvation is very important to me, and also to him - obviously. What I would like to know is if anyone knows about reading or viewing material that could assist in the explanation of how we could know that we are saved on a childs level. I would like him to have that assurance. He is also scared that he will wander away from God when he grows bigger and not be a Christian anymore. I really do not know what to answer him, and frankly, I can't be objective. I love him, and he is a good child. I would like to believe that his experience was real.

Can you imagine a 10 year old boy that afraid all the time of the rapture, of being left behind to suffer eternal torment? How could you do that to a child? My 9 year old niece worries about homework and worms (earthworms seriously freak her out). That's it. She's not obssessing over the state of her salvation, nor should she be. Ask her about god and she'll tell you that god loves everyone, everbody and their pets go to heaven and Jesus was really nice. That's exactly as much as a 9 year old needs to think about that. What the poster did to her son is emotional abuse, pure and simple.

Look, in case you are one of these people, being a christian does not excuse you from the normal social rules. Being an asshole-for-christ doesn't convince anyone that your way is best. Most of all, shut the fuck up and leave the rest of us alone.

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