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Winds of Times-Altering Change - Part 3

I am dissecting Terry James' magnum opus, World in Crisis: Hour of Temptation. This the third post in the series, so please scroll down and read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Trucebreakers, False Accusers

Setting aside the geopolitical history that includes the infamous and never brought to light truce breaking and false accusations
I'd really like to know what Mr James is talking about here. What truce breaking and false accusations? Why were they never brough to light? How does Mr. James know about them if they weren't brought to light? Anyways, we think for a moment of the matter of marriage in the United States. What the hell does divorce have to do with trucebreaking and false accusers? What? "and speaking of great cars, my dog is furry!"

There could be no greater truce breaking than that of the covenant broken when divorce occurs. Nope, sorry, I am not allowing this stretch of the word "truce". A truce is a temporary ceasefire in an armed conflict. If Mr. James truely believes that a marriage is a truce, then I don't want to visit his house for dinner. Epic fail! This form of truce breaking–the marriage bond—is epidemic in this nation. Much of the family break-ups come from the accusations that rage while husbands and wives spew vitriol ewww! at each other.

False accusations leveled in order to gain advantages over others in the personal and corporate worlds fly like untamed winds
as opposed to tamed winds? how does one tame wind? across the land in today’s society. I bet Mr. James didn't stop to consider that this could as easily apply to Palin's famous "pallin' around with terrorists" line. The young learn quickly by watching the adults in their lives the luciferian black art of lying YES! to get ahead. Prior to the last few decades, no one ever lied. Not ever. Not for any reason. Christians today still don't lie. (See: WMDs in Iraq.)
The Incontinent Depends(tm)!

Bible prophecy forewarns of a time near the end of the age and beyond into the tribulation when people will be “incontinent,” as is the word used in the KJV the worst translation of the bible ever! Jesus did not speak english. The KJV is a translation from the Latin, which was a translation from the Aramaic. That people at the end of the age will be “incontinent” doesn’t mean that they will require adult diapers because of uncontrollable biological excretions *giggle* urination and defecation were too graphic for Mr. James?. The word means that people will be unbridled in their lusts as opposed to the S&M crowd, who are often bridled in their lust, their wants. They will give in to their addictions to the point that their sins in this area will constitute a major contribution to the times the Apostle Paul terms “perilous.”

The over prescribing and overuse of prescription drugs, not to mention the illicit drugs that pervade the American culture, are the tip of the iceberg. Modern medicine brings about the Rapture? That's right, we wouldn't want depressed people getting better or anything, right? Hey, if you can't fight off that infection yourself, too bad. Mr. James is apparently of the school of thought that if you just prayed a little harder, you wouldn't ever need a doctor. (See: Christian Scientists) Overindulgences in every kind of pleasure, in every area of life, demonstrate the degree to which this generation has moved toward becoming the “incontinent” of Paul’s prophecy. I wish I had the money to overindulge. If I did, right now I'd be eating godiva chocolates, driking a latte and playing Gears of War 2, while wearing silk everything. That'd be sweet. Are my one set of 1000 thread count (, $40!) sending me to hell! What about the veneers I'm getting with my tax return? (You can't see my teeth, don't judge.)

The terms “shopaholic,” “chocaholic,” and other designations we use in a humorous way belie the serious nature of the truly soul-wrenching terms, “alcoholic,” “drug addict,” “pedophile,” pedophilia is not an addiction. it is . . . I don't know a bad enough word for pedophilia, but to put it right next to alcoholic and drug addict is . . . FUCK YOU, TERRY JAMES! and other horrendous addictions that more and more drive this generation toward the abyss. Please, if you think like Terry "fucktard" James, go kill yourself.

These addictions and others are scheduled to get infinitely worse during the tribulation, according to the Revelation. Yeah, pedophilia and heroin addiction are right there, in Revelation. Go ahead, read the whole thing, you won't find it.
Fierce, what's up with this comma? Despisers of Those Who Are Good

The evil characteristic, “fierce,” when did fierce become evil? In fact, as you can see in Part 2 of my dissection, Mr. James said that animals are better than women who get abortions because Even animals protect their young fiercely So, about 10 paragraphs later, "fierce" becomes evil? can readily be seen on the world and national scenes today. And on the world and national scenes for all of history. Nothing new. Piercing anger that threatens life and limb increasingly makes its presence known, and fits with Jesus’ prophetic words: “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man” (Luke 17:26). What does that mean? How was it in the days of Noe? I love random bible quotes. I will now follow every random bible quote with a random Gears of War 2 quote. "Look ma, no face."

Jesus foretold that the world would be at the very end of the Church Age (this present dispensation I dare you, research premillenial dispensationalism. It will scare you silly that people believe this shit. It might even inspire you to start a blog, like me.) much like it was in the times of Noah, just before the Flood that destroyed all human life. Jesus prophesied: “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence” (Genesis 6:11). "I'm coughing up blood that's not even mine!"

Whether considering the viciousness of Islamic terrorists we could call them al Quaida, but that removes the opportunity to reference those evil, evil Muslims who produced the horrors of September 11, 2001, and suicide bombers who walk into the middle of civilian gatherings and blow up themselves and others with them, or people who arm themselves and go into America’s classrooms to murder as many as possible, we are in a generation that is fierce. Which is only good if you are protecting babies!

The recent hostage-taking in India way to jump on a recent tragedy! and the ongoing piracy on the high seas am I the only one who is terribly amused by the concept of piracy in this day and age? Too much Johnny Depp, I guess. of late testify to the treacherous times. Violence fills the whole earth! Was there a time when humans were ever peaceful, when violence did not fill the whole earth? (Random note: the volume of the earth is 1,080,000,000,000,000,000,000 m3. That's a whole lotta violence!)

The second characteristic listed here by the Apostle Paul is that there will come “despisers of those that are good.”
In God’s economy
the Jesus standard!, there is only one “good.” That “good” is in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Actually, if Failtard James read the bible, he would know that many things are good in God's eyes. Blessed are the peacemakers, Mr. James.
More and more there are assaults on the principles Jesus taught and preached. Irony alert! The principles that Jesus taught, as seen in the Sermon on the Mount, are the ones under attack by Mr. James and his ilk. Principles like peacemaking and turning the other cheek. Remember those? More and more assaults are perpetrated upon Christians because of their beliefs in Jesus as the only way to God the Father and heaven for eternity. What attacks on christianity, you may ask. After all, christians are almost 80% of this country. You see, to people like Mr. James, having to interact with anyone who isn't exactly like them, having to even acknowledge that people with different beliefs even exist, is a direct assault on christianity. Yes, I know, it's ridiculous, but it's true. To Mr. James, my very existence, as an atheist, is persecution against him.

For example, the fierceness with which militant homosexuals continue to attack Christians asking people to stop discriminating against you isn't a fierce attack. It is a truth we hold to be self evident, or something like that.–even in the pews of churches--shows the rise in level of hatred in the hearts of those who are despisers of those who are good So, if you don't believe exactly what His Fuckitude, Terry James, believes, you are a despiser of good. Count me in!
Traitors, Heady, High-Minded

In my view, those who would betray America by sacrificing the nation’s sovereignty upon the altar of a global economic order are traitors of the most egregious sort. Way to torture the english language. I think he means that participating in the global economy is treason. Economic isolationism isn't just not possible in today's world, it would be disastrous. In fact, the sharp decline in global trade after the passage of the Hawt-Smooley Tarrif Act in 1930 helped to worsen and prolong the Great Depression. God loves economic depression? This is occurring at a pace that is nothing less than astonishing.
The betrayal is happening at every level of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. The economic insanity is simply inexplicable, except in the context of the prophecies that there will be 10 kings (or leaders of economic world trade blocs that will give their power and authority to Antichrist at some point during the tribulation era
Uh, yeah.(read Revelation 17:12-13).

Here's Rev 17:12-13

12And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.
13These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.

How did Asshole James get "world trade blocs" out of that? Does he have the special decoder ring?

Oh yeah, "What, do I look like a fucking botanist?"

The heady, high-minded, one-world order elitist types have incessantly thrust and sliced and chopped into America’s autonomy. Who are the one-world order elitist types? Is he referencing the Illuminati or the Jewish Conspiracy? Finally, they have started the nation on an economic slide that can end only in a collapse wasn't that Republican sponsored deregulation? that will eventuate cause was taken? in the U.S. being absorbed along with others into the long ago prophesied world order of Revelation chapter 13. Can you seriously see the US being absorbed by another country?

Perilous times are here and now! Not if we have to have a one-world order first.

Lovers of Pleasure More than Lovers of God

The last two categories of Paul’s “perilous times” prophecies can be applied to the secular, non-religious world redundant, of course. Of course. Certainly, we don’t have to examine society and culture in any in-depth way today to know that people in general love the pleasures of the flesh more than they love the God who created them. We take that as a given, so won’t consider it here; it is too obvious. Well, I suppose if you use a secret decoder ring to translate the bible you don't enjoy the obvious.
The subtle, more devilish thing to consider in examining these last two characteristics of the 2 Timothy chapter 3 account of Paul’s prophecies about the characteristics of end-times man is the involvement of those of the many churches who name the name of Christ. What? Don't all christian churches name the name of Christ, aka Jesus? I know the real name of god was never to be spoken, but I thought we were allowed to say Jesus.

Looking into the churches–that is, examining those who populate the churches of our time, gives profound insight into exactly where this generation must be on God’s prophetic timeline. Where is this going?

Having a Form of Godliness, but Denying the Power Thereof Oooohhhh . . . I see where we're going: Any other church but Pencil Dick James' is really satanic.

The “falling away” of Paul’s 2 Thessalonians prophecy is well underway: “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition…” (2 Thessalonians 2:3). "Delta squad is your house, bitch!"

To “fall away,” one must be first at a high point from which to fall. I guess . . . one could make that argument . . . but I think it's more like "fall by the wayside" which doesn't imply falling from a height, but more being forgotten or put to the side for a period of time. Paul is talking here about true Christians –those who have been born again in the family of God (John 3:3). "When was the last time the wind said hostiles to you?"

This, it should be obvious to anyone whose spiritual ears are attuned do I get my spiritual ears before or after I get dunked in the special water? can I have cool, pointy spiritual ears? to the Holy Spirit conviction holy spirit conviction? What the hell does that mean? of these strange, troubled times, is the condition of much of the Church of Jesus Christ.

This is not even to include the obvious pretenders to the title “Christian.” These have never been born again–have never claimed that Jesus Christ is the virgin born, only begotten Son of the Living God, who alone has taken away the sins of the world. These do not accept the deity of Jesus or that the Holy Scripture (the Bible) is inerrant. Every word, exactly as it was written - IN THE ORIGINAL ARAMAIC! They haven’t “fallen away” –begun the road into apostasy—because they have never been at the high point of being born again. what self-congratulatory bullshit.

Paul’s condemnation here is for true members of God’s family who have known the closeness required in the salvation process, then have gone back to the ways of the world. That's right, god made me and he made you, but we're not members of his family. As if I didn't have enough daddy issues!

blahblahblah screed against every other church but his own blahblahblah
Sadly, tragically, this is the condition of the vast majority of the Church today. The mega-church movement into entertainment and merchandising, turning many into centers more like social clubs than places of worship, makes manifest the end-times condition of which Paul forewarned. Much of the Church today has a form of godliness, but denies the power thereof.
Pastors who never speak of sin that separates people from God, who never preach and teach the horrendous price Jesus paid on the cross at Calvary to take away, to cover, that sin, who teach only how to feel good about one’s self, are in the majority. These get the most TV air play, receive the greatest financial support from parishioners in their vast audiences. These “pastors” tickle the itching ears of their contributors/congregations. The preachers give the heads-in-the-sand pew- and couch-sitters the non-doctrine pabulums they seek in order to soothe their seared consciences, promising formulaic ways to cause God to shower them with wealth and health.
These deny the true power of Christ –His sole ability to save the souls of men, women, and children.
This “falling away” is an American catastrophe that has taken the nation, perhaps, too far down the pathway toward the abyss to ever be turned around. I believe that these are indeed the “perilous times” prophesied by the Apostle Paul.

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