Friday, December 19, 2008

Change I Can't Believe In

You may not have noticed, but I changed my little quotey thing underneath my title. I love the old quote, from Obama, but I can no longer in good conscience keep it up.

Obama has betrayed us all, gay or straight, with his decision to have Rick Warren give the invocation.

Rick Warren is a bigot. Plain and simple. Warren's excuse is that god commands him to be a bigot, but even if that were true, it wouldn't make it better.

Rick Warren hates gays and lesbians. Rick Warren says- outright- that gays and lesbians are immature, they want to have multiple sex partners, and that they can and should just stop being gay. (I'm not sure why these multiple-sex-partner-seeking people want to get married, but hey, why use logic?) In fact, Rick Warren asserts that even if gays are born that way, even if it is a biological imperative rather than a choice, they are still being selfish and immature by being gay.

Let me put it to you another way. Rick Warren hates short people. I am 5' tall. It is selfish of me to be 5' tall. I choose to be 5' tall, and even if I don't choose to be short, I'm still being immature by not choosing to be of average height. Shame on me.

Shame on you, Barack Obama. 40 years ago, Rick Warren would have been arguing that the bible forbids you to have rights. He would have said that while he loves black people, god commands him to tell everyone the truth: that black people are immature and stupid and don't deserve the same rights as whites.

You lied to me, Obama. There's nothing new about bigotry and it sure as fuck isn't change.

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