Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Joe the Blogger

Ok, I couldn't resist the hilarity of this one! Sam Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber is now Joe the Blogger! In all fairness, he certainly couldn't be less qualified than I am, but I don't have the domain name secureourdream, either.

Let's see what Joe the Blogger has to offer us.

Register as a Freedom Member do I get Freedom Fries with that? today and you will soon have an opportunity to blog with Joe ummm . . . blogging isn't usually a group sport. Do they mean I will get a site like blogger.com offers?. Also receive the Joe The Blogger monthly newsletter email yeah! and learn what you can do to preserve and defend our American Dream. I voted Obama, what more can I do? Oh . . .

Our Forums are now Open! Ooooo! Forums! I'm Bill Curtis and I just discovered the internet!

Here registered members can share ideas about how to stop government corruption I voted against the bridge to nowhere, one year after congress killed it. Maverick!, establish community benefits what? and much more. We will also be looking to build strategic alliances with other organizations. The KKK?

And then I checked out the forums. The stupid, it burns!

This is from a 2 page rant by One of Many. Note the random capitalizing and creative punctuation. It just gets scarier from there.

Yes; our Homeland Homeland? Yikes! could very well be destroyed from within....by and from ALL those citizens whom sit idlely by and NOT GETTING INVOLVED and NOT FORGING a PLACE of HONOR huh? in the REAL CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN camps Maverick!, involved in politics, voicing how WE want to be governed in Congress, and standing against ALL THE LIBERAL AGENDAS who keeps leaving their liberal agenda out for the conservatives to see? C'mon people, it's supposed to be a secret! whom who are giving away our homeland to the Power Mongers like fishmongers or possibly necromongers who want to see America the Beautiful Fail.....GET INVOLVED YOU ALL!!!!!... just go for it. y'all.

listened to Mr. Obama and his supporters during the campaign....but I listened as another Lawyer would listen.... BWA HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

Guess what....research History....Hitler did the same thing using eloquent speech and emotionally charging up his audience during a crisis, and in the lame name of "CHANGE".....research it yourself ..... So Bush is better than Obama because he can't give a coherent speech? Hell, Jesus was running around the desert converting people on a platform of change and giving eloquent speeches. Jesus was a Nazi!

Also research what Lobby power during Hitler's time that the Radical Islamists had as they privately met with Hitler during his campaign and the promises Hitler would give them if they voted for him Um, what do you even say to that?

Even better? the reply from infaith777:

One of Many", your document post? above is very much appreciated.DoktorZoom, I don't think that anything "One of Many" says is based upon an "impression" as you stated. Notice that he said to "research" it, which implies he has researched it so if I say that something is a fact, does that make it a fact? Fine, I have wings. Big, beautiful wings. Too bad you can't see them., and it is up to you to disprove, or prove it if you wish no, actually, a responsible poster wouldn't post something without researching first, and having the means to back it up. If I tell you something, I give you a link to it. You are welcome to follow the link, you are also welcome to tell me that the source I used is wrong.I am pretty well satisifed with "One of Many"'s presentation because I recognize many of his other facts as being true. Where are the facts of which you speak? He may be giving knowlege off the top of his head, but that doesn't mean it's only an impression. Yeah, actually it does. If you do question it, go ahead and research it... For me, right now, I haven't time, so I'll settle for figuring it's true AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'll accept anything anyone says as true because I DON'T HAVE THE TIME to research it. The moon is made of cheese, gravity pulls dropped objects upward and Obama is a Muslim.

These people vote!

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