Friday, December 12, 2008

Get Out Your Tin Foil Hats . . .

and your bible!

Nobody on the sites I normally trawl (don't try this at home, kids. I think my IQ has gone down about 10% so far) is posting anything sufficiently crazy to respond to, so it's back to the RaptureReady message boards.

Here's from a post about the False Prophet. (Again, like the Antichrist, there are lost of mentions of false prophets, in the plural, in the bible. Perhaps they are referring to Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. I dunno.)

OP: Who is the False Prophet? What does he do for the AC antichrist, not Atlantic City? When does he show up? From where?

No one ever talks about this sinister character hahahahahaha. Does he show up before the AC or after? What is his role in all this?

I think he shows up about the same time as the AC. His job is to organize the one world religion, then later to perform false miracles so that the OWR is then dismissed so his job is to create the one world religion and then . . . destroy it? Seems sort of, I dunno, pointless? and the world is made to honor the AC so . . . we all join the one world religion, then we all leave the one world religion, and then we all worship the antichrist? has this poster ever met an actual human being?. He's part of the false trinity that will be thrown into the Lake of Fire really cool song at the end of the Tribulation.

1. When Obamah finally gets to be president, January 21st? he will find himself so far in the red well, actually the country will be in the red that most likely he will find it impossible to give anyone any tax cuts. As for my opion your what?, I think tax cut for everyone including the super rich would do more to get out of this mess than anything else. Just a guess, but I bet you're not an economist Bush tax cuts resulted in the total money comming wheeee! into the government to be far about above? what was raised before the cuts. No, it didn't. Actually, the country had a surplus thanks to Clinton, and we haven't run even a balanced budget since. Welcome to reality. The two wars are the cause of the deficit. definitely not an economist Then the morgages mortgages that many couldn't afford in good times not really the issue with the toxic mortgage, but I'll let that pass, when they crashed the mortgages crashed? even a few minutes spent watching cnn would give you a better understanding of the economic crisis than that, brought on everything else because the whole world was so tied up in them thinking to make a killing. I'd really like to see one thought that made sense.

2. If Obamah fails to suppord how does one suppord? Israel, look for major natural desaters natural deserters? natural desserts? what? in the US. Especially if he tries to force Israel to give up their land. We could have a masive massive earthquake in California, the Mississippi river area on the New Madrid fault, or even along a fault that we don't know about now. yes, there are so many of those.

Ok, let's stop to consider this view of god. God is wonderful and loves you and forgives you, he gave up his only begotten son to wash away your sins (actually, god sacrificed god to god to change a rule that god made, but whatever), and if somebody you don't know, and have no control over, does something that pisses god off, you're going to pay! Why would anyone want to worship this person? Honestly, if I kill a few babies, should you, the reader, be punished?

Also GOD could allow a terrior West Highland terriors or Scottish terriors? attack by nukes or chemical or even possibly emp. If a nuke I would look for it stop hurting the english! it did nothing to you! at one of our great championship arenas when they are full of people. championship arenas? like where football teams play? Lincoln Financial Field, perhaps?

3. Then we could also have Isaiah 17 , Psalm 83 leading to Israel becoming a far larger and stronger nation. So, let me get this straight. Obama continues on the peace accords between the Israelis and the Palestinians. This involves giving land to the Palestinians. A massive earthquake takes out, I dunno, Puerto Rico, and then Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia is destroyed by a nuke, or possibly an EMP. That leads to Israel becoming a far stronger nation? That would probably cause oil prices to go out of site, offsite? Why would Israel being a stronger nation cause oil prices to go up? I'm pretty sure they're not an OPEC nation. at least for a time. Also Israel would then be able to take out Iran without having to worry about attacks all around her. I thought it was Philly that was taken out, not Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Iran would probably beg Russia to come help why Russia? They've got their own problems, and Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are much closer and hate Israel way more. and Ezekiel 38 would be here. Israel would have no chance against that great army of Russia and the muslems muslims? that would come why are the muslims and russians teaming up again? Does this poster not know about the former Soviet Union and the stans?, and we know the result of that war, 5/6 83.33333333333%, huh? of them die because our GOD will help Israel and they won't have to do a thing except watch GOD at work. good luck with that.

4. Also and most important for Christians cause who cares what happens to Jews?, I believe that the Rapture will probably happen just before Isaiah 17, Psalm83 or between Ezekiel 38 and what?. Whenever the Rapture happens, the whole world will be changed forever.

5. My personal thoughts are that all the above could come about very soon, possibly by January 20 didn't the poster say at the beginning that it was Obama's not supporting Israel that caused all this? wouldn't that have to happen after he was inaugurated?, and if not early in Obama's first year in office. With the problems already in hand or the bush, the world doesn't need any more but I believe that the world will soon have many more problems to go with what we already have. uh huh.

This reply says it all:
William, I am pained when I think about what this world will be like during the tribulation. With what we see happening around us now, it just blows my mind to think about how this sin will continue to blossom at such an exponential rate. But I have to admit that I also have been hoping and praying of late for the rapture to be as close as you have mentioned above. I want my family and I to be in our Father's house, plain and simple. Gee, it's sad to think of all the suffering, but please god, could you make that happen now, cause I'm just sick of my sad little life filled with all the things I cannot do and all the things I cannot think and all the people I hate, and billions of people suffering is a price I'm willing to pay to get out of it.

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