Saturday, April 4, 2009

Accuracy- It Matters

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I don't consider Pat Boone to be a reporter, nor do I particularly care about his opinion on anything, but I do expect him to be vaguely accurate if he is going to inflict his opinions on the world.

From WorldNetDaily (where else?), we are treated to this:

The beautiful island of Molokai used to be called the Leper Island. Actually, one tip of the island still houses a "leper colony," a treatment center and refuge for people afflicted with Hodgkin's disease – which has for centuries been called leprosy.

Leprosy is called Hansen's Disease, asshat.


  1. Is this the island in Hawaii? I vaguely remember hearing about this when I went there.

    People’s stupidity never amazes me, I think they’re should be a law against it.

  2. Isn't Pat Boone a born-again Christian?

    Maybe he is a serial backslider, constantly going back to the arms of sweet Jesus for forgiveness.

    He SHOULD ask Jesus' forgiveness for saying lies about leprosy in public, though.

  3. Hodgkins is a form of cancer. They thought my boyfriend had that at first, till it turned out to be something similar but rarer. But hey, still; tumor 0, my sweetheart 1.

    If there'd been a cancer patient colony on Hawaii, though, I wish someone would've told us about it.

  4. Apparently, Mr. Boone thinks a lot of people have leprosy.

    Go, boyfriend!

  5. PF: he's half right...

    you have to be genetically predisposed to catch leprosy. there are a lot of people (estimated, in 1999 according to an public health class i too, at something like 18% of North American people) who are suseptable.

    if you are not suseptable, you could have sex with 100 lepers and not get it. hell, you could EAT THEIR FLESH and not get it.

    i have no clue what i that mattered...
    i'm going to sleep, i'm being goofy lol

  6. I won't be testing that theory. Yeah, i think i heard that on House. it makes sense that most people would naturally be immune to it, evolutionarily. lepers wouldn't have gotten a lot of play back in the day.


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