Sunday, April 5, 2009

Most Ridiculous Analogy of the Week

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I'll probably regret giving this out so soon, but I have to award the Most Ridiculous Analogy of the Week to Beetlebabee for this:

[The fight against same sex marriage is] like washing the dishes or making the dinner. Put on the helmet, tighten your belt, change your expectations and incorporate this war into your lifestyle. It’s not going away anytime soon.

Does anyone here put on a helmet and tighten their belt before washing dishes or making dinner? Why would I need a helmet or a tighter belt? What on earth is going on in Beetle's kitchen that she needs a helmet to make dinner or wash dishes?

Oh, and I like the idea of "incorporating" war into one's lifestyle. Here's the thing: if you actually are involved in a war, you know, like our brave soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, war is your lifestyle. There's no "incorporating" to be done, war is all you're doing.

Yeesh. Comparisons that make no sense and inappropriate war references.


  1. Dishwashing is a lifestyle choice?
    I thought it was a worldview.

  2. I read the whole thing, and when I came to "We’re losing our nation, our families and our freedom to those with broken morals and backwards ideals." I agreed wholeheartedly, thinking of the Pope....
    I guess that's not what she meant.

  3. craig: it is for me, but i'm one more toilet cleaning away from OCD

    uzza: probably not. ;)

  4. In a way it's almost like he's saying "Get over it, it ain't going away" LOL and who the heck says 'Making THE dinner'?

    Honey I'll make the diner tonight you can make the dinner tomorrow.

    Shouldn’t that be 'put on A helmet'?

    Does this person speak English as their main language?

    Everyone must pray to the ONE TRUE HELMET.

  5. and tighten their belt in holy communion.

    yes, that is a native english speaker.

  6. Those DNA bloggers are so bizarre. Sometimes you just want to surf on over there to see what they'll say next.


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