Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stinque Zombie Bible

zombie, stinque, bible
Ever feel the bible was missing something? Other than consistency, reason and logic, I mean.

That's right: zombies!

Well, the Stinque Zombie Bible has fixed that for you. It's the bible with all the missing zombies put back in. Trust me, I'd still be attending Sunday School if this was the bible they were teaching from.


  1. This is a logical progression for the Bible, since Jesus kept making zombies (as did God) and in fact later became a zombie.
    I think I'm OK with this.

  2. Is that the Bible the Atheist Experience read from on Sunday?

  3. I dunno, I saw it mentioned on the SMRT board.

    Lazarus, yikes! i read a short story, called the gospel of lazarus, that followed lazarus after he was resurrected. he ended up alone and living a miserable existence because nobody could bear to look in his eyes- they saw eternity there.

  4. Christopher Moore's "Lamb" has a lot to say about Lazarus and his zombie status. Of course he also had a lot of interesting things to say about Jesus too. If you haven't read it I can not recommend it enough, it is so freaking funny.

  5. no, i don't think i've seen that. i really need to monetize my site with all the book recommends i keep getting!

  6. BeamStalk: I was one of the callers on Atheist Experience last Sunday. I was the stupid sounding one who was ex-mormon.

  7. I must have missed that mention on SMRT. I got into a discussion with Daniel and that got all my attention, I love how he stops talking to me. He shows signs of classic paranoid schizophrenia and I have told him that. I have OCD.

    Okay back to your post. I will check it out when I get home, but I am pretty sure they did read from it on the last show.

  8. This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 4/15/2009, at The Unreligious Right

  9. Seconding Lamb. And all of Christopher Moore's work, for that matter. He's, uh, he's pretty damn funny.

    Also, The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror, which is a book about zombie Santa coming back to life and terrorizing a small town is great. Just sayin'...

  10. EC: You were fine, didn't sound stupid at all. The stupid one was the guy that called in twice on the show.

  11. Oh it was not read on Atheist Exp. They read from something similar though.

  12. This seemed appropriate for the occasion. I know, I'm a giver.

    Re: Your Brains:)


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