Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Open Mindedness and Tolerance

open minded, tolerance, intolerance, liberal
I'm sure you, just like me, get the following a lot:

You're being very intolerant of my atheophobia/homophobia/wingnuttery/extraordinary, proofless claims!

I thought I'd write a post about the difference between being open minded and being an idiot, but then I found the above video and I thought, hey, why bother, when QualiaSoup has done such a good job- in colour! (oh, and you don't really need sound to understand this, which is pretty sweet if you're at work.)


  1. I've watched that vid, it's very well done.

    I just love it when street preachers talk about being intolerant of their intolerance and judging their judgments and all that.

    Luckily my only experiences with street preachers are on Youtube. They're the ones that got me interested in the bible again, didn't work out in their favor though ;)

  2. I think by "you're being intolerant" they mean "you're not instantly accepting everything i say as true!", which is true, but not intolerant.

    Or, "intolerant" gets thrown at them so much, they think it's a general insult, like "asshole".

  3. It's a strange experience when someone so easily expresses a concept you've been struggling to get across to others.

  4. I get that with my commenters a lot. Keeps me humble.


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