Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Given Enough Rope

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most bigots eventually out themselves*. The best part about the internet? It's just a big ol' pile of endless rope.

Secular Heretic, an Aussie with a rather odd obsession with USian politics, gives this argument against same sex marriage.

We could change laws and call same sex unions “marriages” but they would not correspond to what a marriage actually is. It would also cause confusion within society. When I tell people that I’m married it is assumed that I’m married to a person of the opposite sex. That is because the word marriage defines the type of relationship I have.

Translation: If we allow same sex marriage, then people won't know I'm hetero just by looking at the ring on my finger. People might think I'm gay! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I'm really sorry you're not all that confident in your sexuality, SH, but that's not a reason to oppress an entire group of people.

*not in terms of being homosexual. I mean in the sense of telling the world what it is they're really afraid of, thus allowing the rest of us to ignore any further arguments they make.

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  1. That's one of the dumber things I've read today, hiding in plain sight amidst correct grammar and properly punctuated sentences. Clever, but I see his game.

    "This gets to the core of what marriage is, a both sexed [ok I might have been a bit premature with the allegations of correct grammar] arrangement with the presumption of paternity. Same sex marriage is non existent because it is single sex and there is no presumption of paternity."

    Of course there's no presumption of paternity. If they're gay, they couldn't exactly have biologically had the child together, could they? This seems like a clear case of wrapping up your conclusion in your premise, swallowing it and feigning surprise when you crap out your answer. Or 'question begging' if you don't like my crude analogy.

    In any case, it's still a derivative of that lame ass argument 'we can't redefine marriage'. Yes we can. And we fucking will.


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