Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Truth

rapture, jesus, god, bible, christian, atheism, atheist, christianity, warns of the coming judgement (you know, the apocalypse). That part of the post is standard "quote some revelation and scare the masses" fare, but the commentary afterwards is priceless.

OH NOT ME!!” you don’t know what I have done you've butchered the english language, at the least. is there a special place in hell for that?, I have broken every commandment really? - I have murdered is he writing this from prison?, committed adultery yeah, you and your exwife care, not me.. etc.. "etc" would include worshipping false idols, bearing false witness, stealing, putting another god before yhwh. everyone has no, I have not murdered, stolen, cheated on my spouse or worshipped false idols. freak show., don’t ever think you’re alone in this world. Romans 3:23 says ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God… that doesn't mean we've all murdered and cheated on our spouses. asshat. Romans 6:23 says the wages of sin is death…according to your theology, either we all live forever in heaven, or we all live forever in hell, but either way there's no death. stop being inconsistent. but Hebrews 7:25 - “ he is ABLE but not willing to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him; since he is always alive to make intercession for them” - I love this verse - it says Jesus is able to save. ABLE but not willing to save to the uttermost, completely, perfectly finally forever and for all eternity…. Since he is ALWAYS stop that. stop capitalizing randomly. if you don't have a WYSIWYG editor figure out some basic html and use a little bold. maybe some italics. alive to make intercession for us, Jesus is there praying for us, eternally.. Jesus loves you so much he goes before the holy throne of GOD to say “Father, Joe needs help, strength, encouragement” to present our needs, no matter how trivial, Jesus is amazing! why wouldn't god know that already? he's omniscient, right? how inconsistent are we going to be today? Because he is so involved in our lives, so in love with us, his creation he sees our needs, and takes them to God almighty before we even ask! you mean like child sex slaves? what about people that die in storms, earthquakes, accidents and war? did they not need help, strength and encouragement? or was god so busy with joe, he forget about all the rest?

Jesus loves us this i know, why else would he have given himself as a human sacrifice for us? uh, yeah. there is so much wrong with that, i never know where to begin. why on earth would god need to sacrifice god to god in order to change a rule god made? Now it’s easy to look at if it’s a mass… catholic services, what? “Bob jumped on a grenade to save 50 people in a bunker in WWII” thus Jesus died to save millions… wtf?! No - Jesus died to save thousands, nope.. Hundreds? No, tens? NO! you… that's right. just you. heaven's a lonely place. just you. oh, and that guy who got raptured. if it was were. if is always followed by "were". hate that. a mass thing, then why would Jesus be present in a personal way? i can't even follow this. In a personal life? in an impersonal life? Jesus prays for each of us.. Stating our needs, our case to God almighty. except for the sex slaves. and people tortured by psychopaths. they can go fuck themselves. Individually. He doesn’t stand before God almighty and simply say “Humanity needs you Father” he says “Tom needs you, Michele needs you, Jeff, Donna, Charles, Rene, and Ramona NEED YOU!!!!!” lets think about it… i'm afraid of how stupid i will become if i try.

what follows after that is a really in depth description of torture. i'm not into torture porn, so i'll pass.


  1. So let me get this straight. God goes before himself to plead to himself for things he already knows are going on and already knows if he is going to do them or not.

  2. or he's got a serious case of Dissociative identity disorder.

    I was raised with the Holy Trinity, and it never made sense to me.

  3. Wait, I'm confused. If God loves ME, then why doesn't Jesus show up and tell ME how much he loves ME. Why do I have to go to him? And why doesn't he love humanity? Why pick and chose? Why don't they just say, "God doesn't love everyone, suck it up" and be done with it?

  4. atheist?

    we can fix that...

    do a story on something real for once...

  5. I don't need fixing.

    It's my blog, and if I want to do a "story" about the bunnies in my back yard, I will.

    and not with that website you won't. unless depeche mode is supposed to convert me to . . . nostradamus worship? i can't even figure this out.

    conversion fail.

  6. Do you ever wonder why people fall for that shit anymore?

    I really feel that it has stared to look like the crap it really is. I am not sure that people are converting anymore. I think Christians are just moving from church to church and that people who were indoctrinated from childhood are going back. But new converts? Highly doubt it.

  7. PF you win, you got David Mabus on your blog.

    Just look him up, he is a poor deluded man living in Canada. He thinks Randi owes him the 1 million dollar cash prize. Save yourself ban him now.

  8. what is his story? i couldn't figure it out from his website.

  9. He is crazy. He rants how Depeche Mode proves Nostradamus and that makes him a winner of Randi's prize. All his real info is on the web, he lives in Canada (I forget exactly where). He spams his messages incessantly when he finds a blog that is even remotely related to what he believes. He is just a sad deluded man that needs psychiatric help. You already deal with DaniEL, you don't need another crazy.

  10. Wait a minute, he was serious about the Depeche Mode thing? I like Depeche Mode, don't get me wrong, but really? This isn't some kind of deepcover poe?

  11. He is serious, he has posted at JREF, Skeptic, Clear Thinking Oasis (Dawkins' board), and pretty much every atheist, skeptical board he can find.

  12. Interesting - I wasn't aware I had more fans out there. please visit the site for more juicy videos, and posts that I am certain will get your hackles up.

    one more site you may appreciate (not mine)


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