Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, Noes- Jon Stewart Uses a Teleprompter!

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Apparently, somebody doesn't know how comedy, or the news for that matter, works.

Latest Teleprompter Scandal:

Richard Baehr

Andrew Breitbart, who navigated the Bill Maher show, has now also visited the Jon Stewart show. Turns out Jon is another big fan of teleprompters, which feed him the material prepared by a dozen writers. And to think folks believe these "comedians" are just so clever in their own right.

Comedians do not get up on stage and just start talking. Jokes are always written in advance, and plenty of comedians do not write their own jokes. In fact, shows like Stewart's, Conan O'Brien's, etc., always employ a group of writers. This isn't newsworthy, surprising or scandalous. Of course, neither is Obama's use of a Teleprompter. (Bush's use of a Teleprompter at least qualified as amusing.)


  1. John Stewart constantly refers to his team of writers during the show, so why is this guy suprised that there are writers again?

  2. It is one of those weird ad hom's that really make no sense. All these guys on the late night show circuit use teleprompters. They are just trying to insult the competition so they can look better.


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