Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random Notes

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When I was very little, and my older sister was ignoring me (which she frequently was), I would play this game where I would poke her, gently, until she exploded. (You know how kids are.)

I mention this because if you do anything to someone often enough, poke them, call them names, lie about them, push to legislate them into permanent second class citizens, they will eventually explode. Everyone on earth will explode in this situation, no matter how calm and good natured they are. I imagine, if you did it long enough, you could poke the Dalai Lama* into exploding. (At least a month of poking 24 hours a day. That man is calm. And happy. I like the Dalai Lama.)

Angie seems not to have figured this out yet. Perhaps she is calmer than the Dalai Lama, which I doubt, or perhaps she judges the gay community just a touch more harshly than herself. You decide.

It can be daunting and intimidating to face such a virulent, violent rage that is at the core of the homosexual movement.

You know what, Angie? I'll be happy to explain this to you. Come over here where I can poke you.


I truly hate the use of violent words and metaphors to describe what are, or should be, nonviolent events.

Volly brought up an excellent example of this in a comment:

Back in my Christian days, I took a course at church called "Becoming a Contagious Christian." The companion book had the same title. At least twice in the book and during the lectures, the author and the class leader used the expression "Hold their feet to the fire." I didn't finish the course because of that. All I could think of was Torquemada. He was pretty "contagious" too, from what I've heard.

How couldn't you think of Torquemada when hearing that? I also hate references to "war", "battle" and "revolution" that have been flying about the interwebz lately. The US is currently involved in two real life wars (or conflicts, or whatever we're calling them these days): Afghanistan and Iraq. Real life soldiers, brave men and women all, are dying. Real people are coming home without arms or legs, coming home with brain injuries and PTSD. Real people are suffering horribly, and that's not to mention the Afghanis and Iraqis that are suffering horribly.

To compare your attempts to deny same sex marriage, or your unhappiness that the GOP is no longer in charge, with what is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq right now is comtemptable. You're not in a war. You're at no risk of dying or losing a leg or not being able to write your name. Give it up.

*The Dalai Lama has his own website! Squeeee!!


  1. Isn't about time for the war on xmas?

  2. I think we have to wait a few more months for that. Why is there no War on Easter?

  3. Oh my God the Dalai Lama has a web site!! How on earth did I miss that?

  4. These Pro-Homophobia activists really have no concept of Tyranny of the majority do they?

  5. Because Ēostre was a dawn slash fertility slash new beginning goddess?

  6. To add also, Christmas is a catholic idea Christ's Mass. So Catholicism is evil and must be fought or something. I am not sure where I am going with this...

  7. Beamstalk: Ooooh! I know! "By supporting Christmas, you are supporting evil, evil Catholicism! You'll be left behind in the rapture, popelover!"

    I still say if we're warring against christmas, we ought to at least skirmish over easter.

    EC: these are the same asshats who think that athiests (>5% of the population) are presecuting christians (<75% of the population). (US only)

    Leigh: I know! I totally squeed! LOVE the Dalai Lama.

  8. apparently, that's supposed to be <5% and >75%. never could figure out greater than/less than signs.

  9. That kind of asshattery is right in line the American Christian tradition of taking everything Jesus said and doing the opposite in order to prove their devotion. Jesus talked about converting people in terms of fishing, or finding hidden treasure, or rescuing stray sheep from wolves. So of course they choose to frame their evangelism quest in terms of war, torture and other forms of violent subjugation! Because you're not a Real True Christian unless you're the exact opposite of Christ!

    "Whoever is not against us is for us" becomes unless you're part of my specific fundagelical groupthink, then Satan is controlling your brain and everything you think, do and say is pure evil.

    Or maybe "They shall know you are Christians by your love" becomes the sign of a Real True Christian is a total unwillingness to show compassion or empathy towards anyone who doesn't already agree with you. unless you are being so incredibly insincere and condescending that they wish you would have just shouted at them instead.

    Sure, there are gay jerks and atheist jerks who go around being mean to Christians in general; some of them are just as mean and bitchy as the Christian jerks. But the Christians are the ones trying to claim the moral high ground in absolute terms. If they wanted to have absolute proof of their creed's alleged moral superiority, there shouldn't be any Christian jerks. Or if there were some, they'd be isolated messed-up individuals that the majority of Christians would oppose and denounce even more loudly than the jerks' chosen targets.

    But that just wouldn't be any fun. Because, you see, the best way to be persecuted for your faith is to persecute those who don't share it until they lash out in a desperate attempt to make you go away! Then you can feel big and tough like a bully and self-pitying and smug like a victim at the same time. It's a win-win!

  10. Fundy pokes "unsaved" with stick. "Stop that!" says unsaved.

    repeat 30,000x

    Unsaved takes stick and breaks it.

    "Stop persecuting me!" cries fundy, and runs off to tell all of his friends about how much the unsaved hate babyjesus.

  11. Praying for you atheists to see the fallacy of your religion. No hope, a DEAD religion.

    I hope you PULL the Plug on atheism and prepare for the after life.

    You will die! sooner or later.
    Charlie will not save you, neither will Richard Dawkins.

    God Bless! Have a NICE Day !!!

  12. "PULL the Plug on atheism"

    Ray Comfort reference + Name= POE. No sane Christian thinks that Ray Comfort is a sane Christian. Right? (begins quaking with fear).


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