Thursday, April 16, 2009


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So, the Tea Parties are over now. Well, for the time being. Apparently, July 4th, a day devoted to taxes to be sure, is being put forward for the next round of silliness.

Let's review:

The teabaggers (rofl) were protesting higher taxes- no, wait, Obama lowered taxes on 95% of USians, so that can't be it.

The teabaggers (lol) were protesting the highest tax rate ever in US history- no, that can't be it. The highest tax rate in recent memory was the 50% tax rate under Ronald Reagan.

The teabaggers (lulz) are angry about the fact that Obama and the liberals caused the economic meltdow- no, that started under Bush. In case you have a very short memory indeed, the economy was big issue during the election.

The teabaggers (stop, please!) are angry that Obama started the stimulus spendin- no, that started under Bush.

The teabaggers (you named yourselves after a sexual act that involves testicles) are angry at the brand new out of control government spending- no, that can't be it. Bush started his presidency with a surplus, and ended it with stimulus packages.

The teabaggers (and mouths) are angry that liberals spent the entirety of Bush's presidency threatening secession and protestin- oh, no that's right, we didn't.

Fuck it. I cannot for the life of me figure out what those spleenweasels were doing, other than proving that some people are very sore losers.
And what did they do to that tree?


  1. And marginal tax rates were 90% under Eisenhower. Of course, consies who romanticize the 50's always forget about that part of it.

  2. They are proving they are poor losers.

  3. Of the 3 major existing political factions in the US, the 1)"liberal" "left" (So far to the right of the left in any country, that it has to be in quotes. Its more like the center) 2)The Republican right and 3) The Libertarian "Ron Paul" right, #1 and #3 are ideologically honest (although not always internally consistent).

    The Republican Right, however, is just a bunch of sc*mbags. If a Democrat does something they want, they will still complain (hence complaining about taxes right after a Democrat lowered them, within the first 100 days in office). And if a Republican does something they profess to despise (government under Bush was huger than ever before. Except, it wasn't making enough money to support itself, so was strangling the US at a time it should have been building reserves to support itself in lean periods, like now), but he is their hero.

    If their numbers increase, the US is pretty quickly going to fall apart. Hopefully, this ridiculous tebagging party will expose this crazy section of the US populace to the rest for what they are: sheep following the words of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other Fox Luminaries, without question or critical thinking.

  4. anonymous is right: there actually are ideologically honest conservatives. they are not represented by the tea partiers.

    and i'm a little afraid to click on that link.

  5. Cookies for Denelian - She scared PF! I think that gets a plaque of sorts, yes?

  6. Due to spending increases, they are (rightly) predicting that in the long run, tax increases will be needed to pay for it. Although some of it started with Bush, plenty of conservatives disliked Bush's spending too, even back when he was in office.

    Now, opposing stimulus spending in a recession is ridiculous, but I do think that it takes an actual economic argument to defend this claim and refute the teabaggers, and not just a surface analysis. If an economic theory not calling for stimulus spending were correct, this would be a badly phrased and valid complaint.

  7. Waltz...
    wha? what did i do? did i miss something?

  8. oooooooooh... got it!
    Uzza is not me lol :)

  9. (you named yourselves after a sexual act that involves testicles) Ok THAT made me freakin laugh!

    And Uzza, I now love you! (and I don't even care what sex you are) That's a great picture, we got testies and potties WOOHOO.


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