Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Illiterate and Ignorant

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From the Rapture Ready message boards, WarrioroftheFather (the truth reveils[sic] itself) declares the War on Athiesm[sic]!!! Behold the random cApiTalizatiOn, bizarre grammar, humorous misspellings and amazing ignorance that is Wisdom and Truth:

I think we should all work together and Bring out the true Flaws of their False Religion. atheism. is. not. a. religion. Atheists Believe in Nothing more than flawed scientific theories. you'll see.

I thought of a couple questions that should need explaining on from their Opinion/Side of the Conflict. wait for it.

1) If the Big Bang did occur form a single point of energy or heat, exploded like a Supernova does. please, please, just a damn verb! Why didn't it implode and just turned into a Giant Black Hole? Distorted Space? aaaahhh! why doesn't your head just implode into a tiny black hole? Anyway, a concise explanation of Big Bang Theory.

2) What explains why we are more Logical, Understanding, and Reasonble than any other Creature on Earth or it's history, if we Developed during the same time frame? a concise explanation of evolution After this supposed Meteor crash now he's moved on to the fact that man and dinosaurs did not coexist. and made the planet desolate. Did Dinosaurs own shops and drive cars? i can't even imagine wtf he's talking about here. apparently somebody found dinosaur bones right next to the fossilized remains of giant cars?

3) What explains Genders? sexes is the word your looking for. gender has to do with societal expectations. Why do we only have two? realistically, we have more than two. there's hermaphrodites, XYY, XXX, XXYY, etc. Why would energy create a species that requires Birth? yeah. wow. Why is it unscientific that Cats and Dogs cannot mate? is this a poe? They still forms of Life. what do you have against verbs?

See where this is going... not really, no.

I Urge Everyone here to think of Questions that would reinforce or pose Real Questioning actual intelligent questions would be nice to Atheists and Such and such? agnostics? unaffiliateds? why they are so Flawed in Believing why we are Deluded or Holding on to Fairy Tales. stop it! just stop abusing the english language. it did nothing to you! Their Belief in Flawed Science will get them Nowhere.

If I get Enough Support from Most Christians here we can Truly Save some Lost People before it's too Late, before Judgement is upon them! not with those arguments, you won't.

I want us together to build up on this, then with Mods permission post it as a sticky.

Pray for New Found Wisdom! And Show them Truth! the truth of what? catdogs? car driving dinosaurs?


  1. Wow, I am so glad my work blocks the rapture ready forum.

  2. Ummm. What? Maybe he thinks that the Flinstones was real?
    You know, the pagans are quite lucky, since we don't get these insane insane things lobbed at us. We just get told we're going to burn.
    I really feel bad for atheists.

  3. Wow. Just.... wow.

    I hope this person's elementary school teachers never see this. They would instantly be struck with bottomless depression at their own collective failure.

  4. I'd excuse this with "possibly not a native english speaker", but from other posts, I know they're USian.

    I can't decide what's worse, the abuse of english, or the abuse of science- to say nothing of the almost backhanded abuse of atheists.

  5. I truly appreciate these people. Imagine a world where die hard creationists were all intelligent and articulate. They could probably do some damage. Fortunately it is primarily the Domain of the Ray Comforts and Kent Hovinds who are laughably easy to refute.

    Of course intelligent and articulate may not be compatible with creationism at all. Which would explain everything nicely.

  6. Seems like he has taken writing lessons from Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human. Either that or he accidentally his whole English grammar education.

  7. I need you to imagine, if you will, a youngish man with fair hair and a cowboy style hat. His eyes are glazed, his mouth is moving but nothing is coming out, his brain totally overwhelmed by the sheer levels of stupid washing over him. What passes for thought in his subconsious is telling him he should do something, and it directs a weak signal directly to his arms. Gradually they come up, and he begins to tap out a post, his eyes still staring at nothing...

    Done that? OK, well, apart from the hat, that's me, right now (you thought I was going to say something else, didn't you?). I'm goiong to have to install a stupid deflector on my monitor if I ever follow a link to Rapture Ready again: that may have caused permanent brain damage...

  8. um...

    sadly, this guy did sort of a prove a fundy point,

    he is, himself, walking, talking, misspelling proof that evolution doesn't always work.

  9. Wow. Yikes. Just....yeah...wow. Seriously. If this "warrior" is what we get for their god's representative then dang, no wonder we're not interested.

  10. Quasar- sorry about that. there should be a warning on that site.

    evolution: there's not really a plan, we're just trying stuff out. it might not work.

  11. Oh dear.... the capitalization kills me.

  12. Surely that's just Terry Burton under yet another username - it has all the hallmarks of his insanity.


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