Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crass Commercialism

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Okay, so I’m no artist on my blog. I’m pedestrian, I use proper grammar and spelling and have occasional flashes of snarky goodness, but I’m torn on the whole adsense monetization thing.

Actually, no I’m not. I’d love to adsense the fuck out of my blog and make some extra cash. I really need money. Really need it. Like now.

My problem with the whole adsense deal is that, as the above screenshot shows, the ads that appear on my (mostly) atheist blog are all ads for books on evangelism, websites about evangelism and work at home scams. I can’t willfully display ads for Christian evangelism on my (mostly) atheist blog. Morally, I have no problems making money off of fundys that buy that kind of stuff. In fact, as an atheist, I find the idea amusing. However, I can’t morally get behind shoving that sort of thing in my atheist/agnostic/pagan/etc. readers’ faces.

You know what I wouldn’t have a problem with, and I wish adsense had a suggestion box- if half the ads were for Christian things and half were for atheist or nonreligious things. See, the reason the Christian ads come up is that my blog is filled with words like “christian” and “jesus” and “evangelism”. However, my blog is also full of words like “atheism” and “atheist”, so surely the people at google could work on something. Or, maybe you could choose to opt out of certain categories of ads. People who feel makeup and weight loss advertising encourages low self esteem in women and girls could just select not to display the categories of weight loss and makeup. People who feel that internet dating is dangerous could opt out of that. I wouldn't mind that system at all.

Anyway, that’s my whingeing for today.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! :) lol I tried adding just a couple to mine, and they were all adds pushing religion.

    It's not a big loss. You really don't make much money from adsense unless you have a million visitors a day, or if the right ads happen to appear consistently on your blog.

  2. I'm mostly concerned that you use Internet Explorer.

    Just saying.

  3. i have noted conversations at Pandagon about bad ads, where one of the moderators would respond to a complaint about an ad by saying they were going to "fix" it. perhaps one of the moderators there will have advice? (Auguste is who i generally talk to, but i am sure any of them would be able to help :)

  4. FS: I use firefox at home, but i can't load it at work.

    denelian: i can't even figure out a way to contact google about it. i may wander over to pandagon or the SMRT board, and see if anyone has any advice.

    Phaedrus: yeah, i kinda figured i wouldn't be making big bucks, but even $20 a month would make a difference to me.

  5. FS: I use firefox at home, but i can't load it at work.

    Your sins are forgiven.


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