Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taking the Crazy Train to Nutterville

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This guy lives in California:

Proclaiming the Law and the Gospel is not a right given to Christians by men. It is a command given to Christians by God. If you want to earn and exercise a right, go earn and exercise the right to die for Jesus Christ at the hands of the very people who insist you do not have the right to speak to them about the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

So, when did California start executing Christians for their belief? Yet again we have confirmation that what fundys want more than anything else is a return of the lions.


  1. Can i file suit against god for harassment?

  2. only if you can find an address to serve him at.

  3. YHWH "God"
    C/O Jehova
    777 Celestial st,
    Heaven, Spiritual Plane 77777

  4. Now I'm picturing Family Guy's god being served with legal papers and hiring Johnny Cochrane to defend him!

  5. It's a wonder anyone can functions with a permanent "I'm under attack" mentality.

  6. They seem to thrive under it, probably indicative of the fact that their not actually under attack, like say gays, they're just enjoying their reign as a persecuted majority.

  7. Tony Miano is an arsehole.

    Did you see the stuff I posted about him at SMRT?

  8. no, i really need to . . . duh, the board has a search. thanks!


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