Friday, April 3, 2009

Okay, did you see the title of the blog?

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Dana (of the no profile profile) is really concerned about us, guys. Really deeply concerned about the state of our souls. Really, really, deeply sincerely concerned.

Well, maybe "concerned" isn't quite the word I'm looking for here.

Lovely people, well, now isn't that a nice change? usually, fundys don't think so highly of me.

It's interesting to me that folks who identify themselves as "progressive nope, never identified myself as progressive, tolerant you're being intolerant of my intolerance!, liberal, secular i am, but i never really use that word, rational now it's an insult!, intellectual hey now, that stopped being an insult after obama was elected, lover' no apostrophe s of the creation what? (instead of the creator can't love what i don't believe in)," take so much pleasure in distorting and spinning the words and belief' no freakin' apostrophe s of their counterparts. "distorting and spinning", huh? this was in response to my picking apart of the odd belief that were the rapture to happen, unbelievers actually would be upset at losing their children. just don't like what you see in the mirror, do you?

So much so, that they begin the name calling..."fundy to separate you from perfectly normal religionists, weird it is weird from my point of view, out-of-touch i didn't use that, retarded i definitely didn't use that word, demagogue you have no idea what that means, do you?," and so on. Real "tolerant" guys. again, yes I am intolerant of your intolerance. "tolerance" does not mean "accepts absolutely anything anyone says as true and perfect." Where do you get off anywhere i can, my dear?

The way I see it, the opposing world views have an obvious ocean between them. One can look at that diversity in view point as a table for discussion, oh, you mean like the "discussion" where you tell me i'm wrong and i will burn forever in hell? that one? the folks here...a battle ground. when was the last time you had an atheist stop you on the street to evangelize? Hypocrisy takes the latter position. oh, noes, i'm a hypocrite, too!

How can those who claim the mantle of "tolerance, liberal, accepting" do so, when in reality, they mock and shout down those of a different opinion?on my own blog, mind you. i didn't go to her house and start preaching atheism. Bottom line is this. Two plus two equals four, no matter if any of you say it equals five. i'm an atheist, not an amathist. and your argument isn't that 2 + 2 = 4, your argument is that anything + anything = GOD. Your argument might be that "well, that is my truth, therefore it is just as valid as your truth." no, that would be your argument.

Guess what? You're flat wrong. Truth is truth. It's not relative. Truth is absolute. Christianity is about truth, not tolerance. mind you, the same person who spent paragraphs ranting at me about my lack of tolerance is now going to tell me that christianity and god are intolerant and that's wonderful. yeah. And, it's not the Christian who is intolerant. It's God who is intolerant. it's not me, it's god is exactly the excuse suicide bombers use, btw. God is intolerant of sin, because He is pure and Holy. when you are linking two ideas with "because" they need to be freakin' related in some way. I challenge you to wrap your mind around that concept. the concept that the imaginary skydaddy is so pure that he must necessarily torture people forever and ever and that's justice?

He cannot abide the evil in this world. then he needs to get rid of it. If you have a problem with that, can't wait to see you argue it with Him, when your turn comes to do so, kneeling (and you will) before the throne of the God of this Universe. but not all universes, just this one. It's about God's Word, not the words of His believer's, who are nothing more than broken people, doing their best to come to Christ, in the midst of their brokenness, and to tell the other's about salvation, no matter how feeble that might look to you. this isn't even fun any more, it's pathetisad. please, learn some apologetics. ranting at and threatening people will never lead to a conversion.

And yes, there is division within the church, just as it was prophesied, and folks, it's going to get much worse. so, which church should i choose. to paraphrase the immortal Homer Simpson, if I pick the wrong church, I'm just making god madder and madder. Apostacy has been prophesied and we're seeing it now.The division gives fodder for those of non-belief, as witnessed by this thread. i kinda fail to see how apostacy was the problem inherein in the rapture post. To be on that side, reveling in the dissension, is nothing to throw a party over. can i hand out cookies? In the end, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess...that Jesus Christ is Lord. proof? That goes for believer's and non-believer's alike. stop it with the fucking apostrophes! It has been prophesied, and to date, the Bible has been 100% accurate in each and every one of it's prophetic predictions (some 688), in hair-splitting detail. really? prove that. This fulfillment of prophecy goes from the rise and fall of earthly kingdoms and empires, there will be war in the middle east. it will involve sand. to the tiniest details of the lives of individuals, from shepherds to Kings.

Doubters might talk to University professors in archeology, theology, geology, and so on. ya know, scientists and other such people that know things. don't talk to them! These fulfilled prophecies have been substantiantied by secular folks from every walk of science. link? anything? So, look it up and laugh it up.

And, go ahead with the mocking and ridiculing of the faithful. Just make sure you have an ice cold brewski to wash down the locust, and a naked chick to violate i'm a girl, dude. when those days come because the King of kings, and the Lord of lords is coming, and very soon. um, i get to drink beer and rape people when jesus comes back? Hope you'll be able to look Him in the face, without shame, when that day comes.




  1. I just posted twice to her in the thread she posted in. Taking on her claims of 100% accuracy of Bible prophecy (the Nile dried up the other day like Isaiah said it would) and that Jesus is coming soon. Apparently 2000 years is still within the realm of "soon".

  2. I have no intelligent comment here. The apostrophe abuse broke my brain.

  3. Shit. And I was worried I wouldn't have the almighty Dana's permission to continue fornicating and drinking! thankfully she gave it right at the end there. Whew.

  4. and i'm allowed to rape "chicks" with, um, something . . .

  5. Well. Ya know lesbian action can be pretty hot. After all, wasn't woman supposed to be a helper to man? /sarcasm

  6. Besides what EC said, Leviticus says nothing about woman laying down with woman like she would with a man. It explicitly states no man on man or man on beast or woman on beast but no mention of woman on woman. YHWH condones hawt lesbian action.

  7. well, Beam he was a patriarchal God.

  8. Ha! So, even before Jesus comes back to start the drinking/raping party, I can totally do lesbians. Yes!

  9. To be fair, it's pretty easy to come up with accurate prophesy when you talk about things that have already happened, but pretend that you're writing Wow. It's hard to parse that sentence out.

    Like, the book of Daniel prophesied the coming of Alex the Great and the fracturing to the Successor Kingdoms reasonably accurately. Except it turns out that half of the book of Daniel was written when Israel was under Seleucid control and it just got appended to the better known book.

    Meanwhile, if anybody points you to one of the Jesus prophesies, do yourself a favor and go look it up. I can guarantee you that it's a completely opaque, incomprehensible mush. Why? Because you have to read the Bible with the belief that the Jews were actually trying with every word to tell us about the coming of Jesus.

    So if it doesn't make any sense, just remember: it's not your fault. It's their's.

  10. *stupid blogspot, eating my comment*

  11. Actually, the book of Daniel according to most accounts I have read is filled with anachronisms leading scholars to surmise that it was written as maccabean propaganda to incite resistance against Antiochus.

  12. EC said, well, Beam he was a patriarchal God.

    I would accept that if he hadn't mentioned women specifically in the woman on beast stuff or the incest stuff. So they do mention women in Leviticus. Therefore one cannot claim that when they say man on man is an abomination that woman on woman is implied or else they would also imply it on the man on beast part also and not need to mention woman on beast. Leviticus talks a lot about bestiality which makes me concerned for those people. If they had to write that much about it...

  13. Once again, that was totally fun to read. I almost feel like sending you a message so you'll do it again ;)

    yes I love that 100% prophecy, when you mention something to them showing it didn't happen they just say it was something else. I saw on another blog that Babylon is Iraq, so if you were to tell them the prophecy on Babylon isn't true because Iraq is Babylon they'd tell you it wasn't Babylon because God destroyed Babylon and whoever think Iraq was Babylon was wrong. (I totally don't know if Iraq was indeed Babylon, I have to look that up)

    What they should say is the fact that they can use circular reasoning is proof of God because the circle is the most powerful shape.

  14. I just want to point out that in some places locusts are a popular snack. So, maybe not all bad. Especially with the promised beer.

  15. Imtherabbit: you can see the ancient city of babylon from saddam's palace. it's really quite pretty in the setting sun.

    FS: i've had grasshopper. it was . . . crunchy.

  16. Neat take-down :)

    Isn't it amazing how fundies seem to think we're harassing them and attacking them and making their lives miserable with our intolerance when we post about their blogs on our own blogs?

    I recently had a similar experience myself and the reactions are so similar - it's astounding.

    Anyhow, I'm a new reader, methinks I'll keep an eye on your blog - I like what I see.

  17. I want to send them all a dictionary- with "tolerance" highlighted.



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