Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fertility Festival Special

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In case you're not celebrating the Spring Fertility Festival in the correct (christian) way- you know, with eggs and bunnies and other such totally not related to fertility symbols- here are three bibles to help you get with the program:


The Brick Testament: with pictures!

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible

Happy conversion!


  1. note to self:

  2. Hey you forgot the religion of The Great Bunny. It's not about fertility cause bunnies don't need help in that subject

  3. Okay, apropos of nothing, I have to wonder aloud why bunnies are associated with fertility rituals, because seriously? not that easy to breed...

    Not that anyone's fertility rituals are required to make sense, of course. Bunnies and eggs are still more fun than palm fronds or whatever.

  4. if anyone's bunnies need lessons, the bunnies in my yard could give them. i stepped outside last night and scattered easily a dozen rabbits- and i have a small yard.

  5. I also have an issue with breeding bunnies. They are everywhere in the field behind my house. So if nothing else, we certainly have an appropriate easter :-P


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