Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wow. Just Wow.

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Daniel Florien, at Unreasonable Faith, reminded me of the Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments.

Daniel just did a post on the article "Exposing the Atheist", and I've done a couple on the SPEPTC, as well, so I went looking around the site to see if there was anything new to discuss.

All I have to say is that I clearly didn't look closely enough at this site the first time around.

Controlling the World's Population

by Robert T. Lee

The present world's population of people is said to be nearly 6 billion. It is expected to rise to 8.9 billion by 2030, and reach 10 to 14 billion by 2050. The largest increases are expected to take place in some of the poorer countries, such as Africa and southern Asia. I actually don't know if this is true or not, but it sounds about right, especially with the Pope running around telling people that condoms are Teh Evul.

In view of those projections, more and more attention is being placed on ways to control the world's population.

Some of the present methods proposed and practiced are: legislation restricting how many children a family can have, contraceptives, sterilization, sexual abstinence, permanent celibacy which would be different from sexual abstinence how?, deliberately induced abortions as opposed to accidentally induced abortions?, infanticide, euthanasia, homosexuality i'm pretty sure nobody is a homosexual purely for the sake of population control, delayed marriage, sterilization of the retarded which we could include under "sterilization", war as population control?!, fatal disease inducement upon certain portions of the human population see: what the eurpoeans did to the native americans and etc. "and etc."? uh, yeah.

Although demography draws its insight from several of the so-called intellectual fields, such as anthropology, biology, economics, history, medicine, sociology and statistics, so called intellectual fields? if none of the above are intellectual, what is? it is quite obvious that most of the ways proposed and being tried to control the human population is are blindness -ness, foolishness -ness, immoral and thus infringes upon the God-given rights of the weakest and most innocent of the human community. wait until you see what is seeing, wise, moral and doesn't infringe on rights.

There is a better and more sane way to control the human population without allowing immorality, the immorality of delayed marriage or sexual abstinence? without doing injustice to anyone wait for it. and while not seeking to discourage pronatalist prolife, i think. views among the human population. we don't really care about prochoice lemurs, after all.

Since the population of mankind is a "closed" population - no humans can migrate to and from earth, only the rate of births and deaths can increase or decrease the human population. what living thing on the planet would not qualify as "closed" under this definition? just curious.

Therefore, the way to control the population growth is through the increase of the human mortality rate by legitimate means. we're almost there. Not through the crimes of abortions, infanticide, euthanasia and etc; but through the automatic DEATH PENALTY for the broad spectrum of deeds that are high crimes in the sight of the true GOD. that's right kids, abortion, infanticide and euthanasia are crimes, but the death penalty for adultery is just and righteous. that's his moral answer to overpopulation: kill everyone. This principle of population control has never been addressed by demography. I wonder why? It is the cornerstone better than birth control! of proper human population control which the builders have rejected. i just can't see why.

Some of the high crimes which God requires the human society to vigorously odd use of an adverb enforce the death penalty upon are: blasphemy against the true God i'm dead; idolatry leigh at odins daughter, and denelian, dead.; breaking the Lord's day we're all dead; dishonor to parents every teenager to ever live, dead; murder; adultery according to the last study i saw, 40% of women and 60% of men would be dead; incest; homosexuality half the people i know dead; bestiality; rape not punishable by death in the bible. there are two punishments for rape in the bible: marrying your victim or paying her father; kidnapping what verse is that? god was fine with the israelites kidnapping virgins and turning them into sex slaves; seeking to destroy the righteous what?; putting to death the innocent i'm gonna need a bible verse on that one(such as putting innocent embryos and fetuses to death in abortions); seeking to overthrow God's appointed authority question Mr. Lee and you're dead, etc.

If this method of population control were ever enacted, we wouldn't have to worry about population control, because there would maybe 3 people left, and 2 of them would be in comas.

In order for the world community of humans to actually put this decorous someone needs a dictionary principle into practice, it must adopt the MORAL LAW OF GOD - THE TEN COMMANDMENTS as the supreme laws of the World community. boy am i glad that not only isn't the US a christian nation, but the world isn't christian, either.
This principle of controlling the population punishing everyone everywhere for everything until there isn't anyone left would positively affect the economic prosperity of nations by removing anyone making or spending money?, positively affect the health and increase the life expectancy of lawabidding citizens how? mouthy teenagers aren't the reason for cancer, properly educate the human race in fear i suppose, positively affect the family structure by removing all the families, overwhelmingly reduce crime, etc. actually, capital punishment has never been shown to reduce crime. in fact, capital punishment increases extremely violent crime. think about it: if you're going to get the needle anyway, you may as well go out in a blaze of glory. Every legitimate aspect of the human society would benefit greatly. if by "legitimate aspect" you mean "executioners", i suppose.

By adopting the TEN COMMANDMENTS as the supreme laws of the earth and properly administering them actually the ten commandments don't address bestiality, homosexuality, incest or rape, the true criminals - those worthy of death pretty much everyone, will be the ones put to death instead of the innocent. It is only right to focus on true criminals who commit high crimes of adultery and mouthing off to one's parents in order to control the world's population rather than focusing on the most helpless, innocent and weakest people of the human society. you know, by using birth control.

now that is some grade-A, prime cut crazy, there.


  1. People keep telling me Christstainity is different from Radical Islam. This guy is exhibit A why they're not.

  2. That is made of the awesome and the clearly insane.

    Who needs that evil family planning stuff, it has never shown to work (well except for everywhere it is).

  3. Ahh, tencommandments.org (happy days!) I used to regularly email and try to debate his opinions.
    Would you believe that all I got in response was abuse! I was called a paedophile, bigot, evil, sodomite and a list of many others. Not once did he even try to explain or convert me.
    Eventually he put a ban on my ISP address and I really couldn't be bothered to circumvent it.

    His registry is funny though. He actually makes up the entries himself!

  4. There is absolutely no difference between radical Islam and radical christianity. None. But I guarantee you radical muslims are as pissed at the comparison as christians are.

    i enjoy being called intolerant, gay, etc. by people like that. if they liked me, then i would be concerned.

  5. OK, first off, "and etc."? Etc means "and so on". He just said "and and so on". I HATE that.
    Anyway, yeah, I hope they have the decency to kill me quickly. You know, in this insane dreamworld where it's OK to kill everyone. I don't know a single person who would be alive by this guys standards, not even my christian brother.

  6. Oh, tosh! The radical Muslims are WAAAAAAAY ahead of us. The fundies are just anxious to catch up.

  7. Obviously, this guy has never read the Gospel of John, you know where Jesus tells people not to stone to death a woman guilty of a sex crime. Then again, just like every other fundie, he selectively follows what he believes in. Nothing new there.

  8. Smell that acrid stench of blood and burned bodies? That's Fatwah envy.

  9. i understand the melancholy of the fundy. fundy muslims get fatwahs, fundy christians get tea parties. poor things.

  10. The largest increases are expected to take place in some of the poorer countries, such as Africa and southern AsiaStrange, I've never heard of those countries...

    kidnapping what verse is that?Exodus 21:16, regardless of whether the kidnapper still has the little tyke or has already sold him on. Which is strange, because you'd think that the proceeds of the sale would be enough to placate most parents.

  11. And there I was thinking Education was the answer to overpopulation. I clearly wasn't thinking outside the box.

  12. your lack of crazy is clearly holding you back.

    exodus 21:16 And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to deathrape is okay, kidnapping is not? and i'm guessing that applies only the israelite males, because the bible is full of slavery and the kidnapping of females.

  13. i am very happy at how soon i am killed.

    it means less time suffering under this moron, until *he* is killed.

    as a side note...
    i follow the Ten Commandments. with the possible exception of the Sabbath, depending on how strictly you interpret this (and which day you consider the Sabbath - i consider it the full moon :D
    i honestly cannot thing of a single of the Ten that i break.
    well, again, selective definitions are in use. for instance, when i say "Goddamn", i do not think i am "taking the Lord's name in vain" - i think i am placing a request.

    (please please laugh at my funny. it's been a bad week)


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