Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Needs a Dictionary Award of the Day

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Goes to Makarios, for damning athiests to hell on a regular basis, and then calling atheists the most judgmental people on the planet. Pot, kettle, kettle, pot.

Jesus said, “I haven’t come to save those who already think they’re righteous. I’ve come to save those who know they are lost.”

This is something that atheists simply cannot stand. Atheists are some of the most judgemental people on the face of the earth. They look down on and judge as having less value those who lack education or intelligence. That's sad but it should be expected. Atheists have nothing outside of themselves from which to draw their value, worth and sense of security.

Stop telling me what a bad person I am, and exactly how long I'll be burning in hell, and then we can talk about how judgmental I am.

I do not see as "less" those who lack education or intelligence. I do think that if you are ignorant, you should fix that before you start debating the existence of god or evolution with someone. It is a little frustrating (though quite amusing in its own way) to keep having to explain why Pascal's Wager is inherently flawed, or that crocoducks don't prove creationism.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I launched right in.

  2. Or why crocoducks don't disprove evolution. For some reason most creationists seem to think disproving evolution equals proving creationism. They of course are wrong and would still have to prove creationism and explain why evolution worked so well for so long.

  3. Atheists have nothing outside of themselves from which to draw their value, worth and sense of security.
    = Look at me: I'm worthless and helpless on my own and need outside help just to survive, so that makes me better than you who achieve value, worth and security through your own efforts.


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