Monday, April 27, 2009

Are They Trying to Kill Us All?

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I really have to wonder if the new GOP strategy to taking back the government is to kill everyone who votes Democrat.

Here we are, at the beginning of what could be the Great Swine Flu Pandemic of 2009*, and not 2 months ago, Republicans voted against funding for pandemic preparedness.

Senator Schumer: All those little porky things that the House put in, the money for the [National] Mall or the sexually transmitted diseases or the flu pandemic, they're all out," Schumer said.

Think about the way population centers work in the US. Big cities generally vote Democrat. Rural areas generally vote Republican. Pandemics are more likely to rip right through a crowded city than a rural area. Ergo . . . you can draw your own conclusion, but either way, I suspect that the GOP simply hates us all.

*before you start panicking, nobody in the US has died of swine flu yet. In fact, most cases have been very mild. wash your hands, you'll probably be okay.


  1. More than likely people are dying in Mexico because of lack of medical care, lack of information, and general poor resources in fighting an outbreak of any kind. People aren't dying in other countries (that I have heard of). Treat it the way you would any other flu outbreak.

  2. exactly. i don't want anyone panicking, but seriously, the GOP needs to get it together. they're against volcano monitoring, and a volcano erupts in Alaska. They're against pandemic preparedness, and we may well have a pandemic on our hands. And if anyone doesn't think this affects the economy, just look at the stock market today.

  3. Hey PF wanna have some real fun. Read this:

    It is the GOP Platform for 2009 in the State of Oklahoma.

  4. That's not serious, is it? Cause if that's serious somebody's screwed. It's either GOP in Oklahoma, or the citizens of Oklahoma, depending on how many people vote for them.

  5. That is serious, these guys are nutjobs, but the good Christian people just keep wanting to vote these idiots into office.

    Remember Sally Kern said that Homosexuals were more dangerous than terrorists, and she was reelected into office.

  6. PF: You know, now that you mention it, after the GOP nixes funding for something it happens. That's kind of freaky. We need to stop them before they strike again!
    And speaking of freaky, Beamstalk, is that for real? That sounds like something I would write if I were asked to write up what I imagine the sterotypical right-wing heartland party line would be.

  7. Leigh's right. I immediately took that for a Poe, because that's exactly what I would come up with if asked to write the GOP manifesto.


    I say the next time they nix something, we need to prepare for that, because apparently that's what's happening next. (I hope "end of the world preparedness" does not come up in the next omnibus funding bill.)

  8. A flu pandemic could be bad esp in poorer areas like someone mentioned. I feel for them.

  9. does that mean that if vote for funding FOR something, it won't happen? if that is the case, then we want them to vote TO plan for armageddon or ragnorak or whatever, then it won't ever happen...

  10. denelian's right. we need to go through that bill line by line, figure out what they voted for (don't worry about it) and what they voted against (get ready).

    next up is clearly massive beaver troubles. (yes, yes, it's funny, but i'm talking about mammals that build dams here.)

  11. "beaver trouble"


    dams are bad (when made by men. not when made by beavers. at least, that is the snark that the Right throws out when people don't want yet another dam destroying some area)


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