Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am the Downfall of Society

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Iowa Representative, Steve King, has the most unusual view of US values I have ever seen. Sure, I've seen the "gay marriage will destroy civilization as we know it" argument a few times before, but this qualifies as a whole new level of weird.

from The Iowa Independent:

CEDAR RAPIDS — Speaking at an anti-abortion event in eastern Iowa Monday night, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, warned that legalized same-sex marriage would lead to a complete dissolution of society and religion.

“I will tell you that I first came into this political arena with the belief innocent human life was the most important thing that I could be involved in,” said King, a Kiron Republican who represents the 5th Congressional District in western Iowa. “I still believe that is the most important value. But I also recognize that if we don’t save marriage, we can’t remain pro-life.

“The values we have we pour through marriage into our children and into the next generation. Our religious values. Our values of faith. Our values. Our work ethic. Our entire culture comes through a man and a woman joined in holy matrimony, being blessed with children and pouring those values into the children and then living vicariously through them as they go off and we are blessed with grandchildren.”

I'm no Kiron Republican, but I'm pretty sure gay couples have the lowest rate of abortion, not the highest. I'm also a little disturbed (or confused, possibly amused) that our values include "living vicariously" through our children. Is there some reason that we can't live our own lives, even after our children have grown up?

Also, what about people like me? I don't have children, I won't have children, so clearly I won't be living vicariously through anyone. Apparently, I will be bringing about the downfall of western civilization- by living my own life, right up to the end.


  1. Ummm, I thought that living through your kids is bad. And unhealthy since it means you apparently had kids to try your life again.
    Also, that guy sounds really freaking weird. Once again I find myself thinking, does he really believe that?

  2. I know. When did "living vicariously through one's children" become a value? It's weird. I have my own life, thank you very much.

  3. I like how "Our entire culture comes through a man and a woman joined in holy matrimony, being blessed with children and pouring those values into the children" so single parents are also evil and do not add moral values to the children they raise.

  4. While i agree with all your points, I would remind you that living vicariously can mean something completely different. Living vicariously through ones children can have the meaning of living on through them as well.

    That said, its still not a "value".

  5. I would accept that "living vicariously" could mean something else, but in the context of the sentence, he clearly states that once one's children are grown, one no longer lives one's own life, one lives through said children.

    And we all know single mothers are Teh Evul, and are second only to Teh Gayz when it comes to destroying society.

  6. LOL I'm with you PF, no kids for me. I don't want to subject children to this wacked out world. Plus I can't afford them; I can barely afford my Dog. I guess I could live vicariously through my dog but it would be a rather short 'life'. I do try to instill my values upon my dog, but I don't think it works. I tell him to love all dogs like he loves himself but he still barks and digs when one walks by our porch.

  7. Actually, I think it's even better than that. You don't have children, therefore... you're gay!

    Sadly, I don't think I'm mangling the logic any further than it already was.

  8. The hubby will be a little disappointed to learn that. Not to mention confused . . .

  9. Well, naturally; that sort of realization comes easier to some people than to others. I was a bit startled myself, when I first learned that I'd been (effectively) gay for most of my life - right up until three years ago, in fact.

    But, hey - your hubby can take comfort in the fact that the logic* applies to him, too. I don't know anything (plural-)your personal background, but I assume he has no kids and no plans to have any. So... something else you have in common!

    Michael Mock
    Hoping the irony comes through in the text

    * ...And I use the term in its loosest possible sense...

  10. If he has kids, he has some 'splainin' to do! Yeah, we look at kids and say, "hey that's great! for you . . ."

  11. I watched Larry King last night with Micheal J Fox and he has a big family. He seems to be the kind of person that should have lots of kids. If you're a good parent, raising great kids to become wonderful people, then please have as many as you can. He more then makes up for the children I won't have :)


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